War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0166 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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We halted for the night on Curtis' plantation, marching a distance of eighteen or twenty miles. Started next morning (19th) at 6.30 o'clock, and, after marching about two miles, the Fifth Ohio was deployed as skirmishers, under the direction of General Geary. The entire regiment was deployed and moved forward, our left to connect with the skirmishers of General Butterfield, who were moving on our extreme left; our right to connect with the Fourth Army Corps, who were moving upon the extreme right of our line. We moved in this manner about five miles when, in consequence of conflicting commands, our regiment became separated, the right wing forming with the remainder of the brigade at 1 p. m. The left wing continued in line as skirmishers until 2 p. m., when it was reformed in column and moved forward and joined the right wing, who, with the remainder of the brigade, were massed in rear of Third Division, who were engaging the enemy near Cassville. At 4.30 p. m. we removed forward about two miles, when we were formed in line of battle, the Twenty- ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry being deployed as skirmishers. We advanced through open fields to the edge of a dense forest, where the line was halted, where it remained during the night and until about 11 a. m. the following day (20th), when we moved back about one mile and went into camp in the woods. Orders were received here to rest and recuperate, preparatory to the coming twenty day's campaign, which would soon commence. The sick and disabled were sent to the rear, and everything put in readiness for further active duties. We left our camp on the morning of the 23d, moving our upon the road leading to Atlanta; crossed the Etowah River nine miles south of Cassville, encamping in line of battle in the woods upon the south side of the river. Started next morning (24th) at 5.30 o'clock, moving very cautiously in consequence of skirmishing in front, the entire fore being formed in different columns; halted frequently during the day, marching about fourteen miles, encamping for the night at Burnt Hickory. May 25, left our camp at 6 a. m.: arrived at the bridge across Pumpkin Vine Creek at 8 o'clock- halted three- quarters of an hour for the bridge to be repaired. Our advance guard was fired upon from the opposite bank of the creek. At 9 o'clock we crossed the creek; the Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, deployed as skirmishers, followed by the Fifth Ohio Infantry, in column We had advanced in this manner about two miles, Generals Hooker and Geary, with their staffs and escorts, following in rear of skirmishers and in front of Fifth Ohio, when our skirmishers ran upon the enemy, who fired a volley into the right of the line, evidently intended for the generals, who were plainly visible to the rebels in our front. The Fifth Ohio was moved forward into line in support of the skirmishers, and in a very few moments came in sight of the enemy, who were advancing in line at a distance of about 1,000 yards. The rebels opened fire upon our regiment with one or two well- directed volleys, which could not be returned immediately, owing to our being so close upon our line of skirmishers. The sudden attack upon our regiment for the moment threw the right wing into confusion, but when ordered to advance the regiment opened fire upon the enemy, driving him before us in great confusion. Up to this time the remainder of the brigade had not hot into line, and prisoners who had been captured informed us that the enemy outnumbered us, and were reforming to advance upon us. The Fifth Ohio was halted until the brigade was put in line,