War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0151 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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ambulances, and from there on cars to Chattanooga, always accompanied by medical officers and attendants detailed from the division; much suffering from rough box- cars and the unavoidable delay of the road. Ambulance horses and mules so worn out as to by scarcely able to remove wounded to Acworth. Have no reports of the deaths in transportation; suffering described as very great. Most of the medical officers said that wounded were well fed on route by Sanitary Commission. Those that were not provided for was owing to the neglect of the medical officer in charge. I heard of none of that kind in this division, as our medical officers only turned our wounded over when they got to Chattanooga to Dr. Salter, post surgeon. Anesthetic; Chloroform in all cases; no bad results. Casualties: No record of casualties can be found. Surgeon Fifield, Twenty- ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in charge of division. Wounded were greater than at any other battle. Names of 145 wounded and 15 deaths are among the records of the division hospital. Division commander's official report; Killed- officers, 1; enlisted men, 81. Wounded- officers, 25; enlisted men, 407.


Condition of the command: Exhausted from marching, building breast- works, and continual skirmishing form the 25th of May. This battle covered a period of fourteen days, known as the battle of Kenesaw Mountain. Strength of command; Officers, 231; enlisted men, 3,909. Condition of supplies: Stimulants and surgical appliances in abundance; tents always on hand. Field hospital, owing to advance of out line, was moved six or seven times; twice shelled out; distance about half a mile to one mile from attack. Water good. Food abundant, principally army rations. The shelling caused the death of one man from fright. Operations: Amputations, 12; exsections, 6, reported. Evidently some reports missing. Character of fire: Musketry and artillery; range varied. Two charges made in fourteen days. Most of the wounded were from minie- balls at short range on the skirmish line. Subsequent disposition of wounded: Sent to Acworth and turned over to department hospital established there. Removed in ambulances. Medical officer and attendants detailed from division Well supplied with food while in transit. Anaesthetic: Chloroform in all cases; no bad results. Casualties: I think the record imperfect. Classified return of wounded only shows, wounded, 110; death, 1. Classified returns for 20th, 21st, 22d, 28th, and 29th days of June on hand; the others are wanting. Records were kept by brigades. Division commander's official report: Killed- officers, 2; enlisted men, 26. Wounded- officers, 11; enlisted men, 229. July 1, left Kenesaw Mountain and followed the enemy to Chattahoochee River. Skirmishing all the way. Casualties few. I relieved Surgeon Field, in charge of division, July 1, 1864. Command rested on Chattahoochee River with only slight skirmishing on picket- line. Casualties from July 1 to the 20th; Killed, enlisted men, 1; wounded,enlisted men, 29. Brigade hospitals were abolished and division hospitals organized July 1, 1864.


Condition of command; Exhausted, but in fair condition; roads good; well fed. Strength of command: Officers 222; enlisted men,