War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0149 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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moval of wounded: On blankets and stretchers to foot of mountain and in ambulance to hospital. Character of the fire: Musketry, continuous; range 20 to 300 yards. Subsequent disposition of wounded: Wounded removed next day, May 9, to Ringgold, Ga., a distance of twenty-five miles, under the guidance of division ambulance officer and Assistant Surgeons Applegate, Dowlin, and Strickland. Coffee prepared on the march from supplies in the ambulance boxes; one death while in transmit. Anaesthetic: Chloroform in all cases; no bad results. Casualties: Received in division hospital-wounded, 1864; died during night, 7; while in transit, 1; total, 8. Division commander's official report of casualties: Killed-officers, 3; enlisted men, 46. Wounded-officers, 12; enlisted men, 245. The greater number on the official report is owing to the character of the ground, many being unfitted for duty by contusions and sprains. Of the 184 wounded, 19 were from contusions and sprains, and 1 fracture of the leg.


Condition of command: May 15, again engaged the enemy at battle of Resaca. Weather fine. Commenced fresh. Battle opened at 3 p.m. Strength of command: Unknown-about 5,600. Condition of supplies: Stimulants and surgical appliances abundant; tents one the ground and up before wounded came in. Field hospital about one and a half miles from battle-field; location good. Operations: Amputations (circular), 25; exsections, 15. Among Confederates-amputations, 10; resections, 1. Water good and abundant. Food abundant; received from Government and Sanitary Commission. Mode of removal of wounded: On stretchers from field to medical officers on duty with their regiments, from there to hospital in ambulances. Wounded were received during the whole night. Character of fire: Musketry and artillery; continuous; range, 500 to 25 yards. Five charges made; enemy's works carried. Duration of battle, twelve hours. Subsequent disposition of wounded; Command followed the enemy next day, May 16; wounded left in division hospital; remained in division field hospital until May 21, when they were transferred to general field hospital. Resaca, a distance of two miles, under the direction of Surgeon Foye, U. S. Volunteers. Anaesthetic: Chloroform in all cases; no bad results. Casualties: Wounded-Federals, 236; rebels, 46; total, 282. Died in hospital-Federals, 14; Confederates, 6. Federal wounded, majority slight; rebels, severe. Division commander's official report of casualties: Killed-officers,2; enlisted men, 21. Wounded-officers, 5; enlisted men, 210. Discrepancies owing to wounded of other corps having been treated in division hospital. Seven of the deaths were of men belonging to other commands.


Marched to Cassville. Refitted and supplied the command with fifteen days' rations. Sent all sick to the rear, and, by a flank movement through Burnt Hickory Pass, came upon the enemy at Pumpkin Vine Creek, and fought battle of New Hope Church, or Dallas, May 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29. Two charges were made first day. Condition of command: Much exhausted by long, heavy, and forced marched. Strength of command: Unknown-about 5,000 total. Condition of supplies: Stimulants and surgical appliances in abundance. Tents at hand and up first night. Wounded all shel-