War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0046 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN.

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extinguishing. Remained in the place as provost guard until the 23d, when we again moved on; marched twelve miles, crossed the Etowah River, and encamped.

From the 24th of May until, the 5th of June the regiment, under command of Lieutenant Colonel H. W. Daboll, took part in the following movements: May 24, continued our march, camping at night at Burnt Hickory. 25th, marched in the direction of Dallas. At 3 p. m., when within a short distance of the town, the division countermarched to go to the support of General Geary. At 5 p. m. we charged the enemy, the regiment occupying the left of the brigade line; brigade advanced within 400 yards of enemy's works. The regiment held its position in line until 4 a. m. May 26, when it was relieved and joined the brigade in rear; loss, 2 enlisted men killed and 26 wounded. Remained in nearly the same position until June 1. June 2, marched a short distance to the front. 3d, regiment ordered to relieve skirmish line of General Hovey's division, Twenty-third Corps. The whole regiment remained deployed on the line until 5 p. m. June 4; loss, 5 men wounded. June 5, the regiment was about six miles from Acworth, when I assumed command. 6th, marched to the left about three miles, and went into camp. 11th, broke camp and marched to the left about two miles and encamped near Big Shanty Station. June 15, broke camp and marched to the left about three miles to Pine Knob, and took our position in front of the enemy's breast-works; loss, 1 man wounded. 16th, regiment received ordered to move to the left and take position on the left of the Second Brigade line; built breast-works. 11th, enemy advanced evacuated their works; followed them about two miles, when they commenced shelling our position; regiment ordered up to the support of Winegar's battery, on a hill in front of Lost Mountain; left wing of regiment, under command of Major Cogswell, was deployed as skirmishers. 18th, remained in same position. 19th, about 9 a. m. was ordered to advance; marched two miles and erected breast-works, and remained there until relieved by the Fourth Corps at daylight on the 20th; marched about six miles to the right and built breast-works for Third Brigade; remained encamped here until the 22d; moved to the right two miles and built breast-works; while the men were engaged in doing so the enemy came upon us in three lines of battle. We repulsed them with a loss of 2 commissioned officers and 11 men wounded, and 3 men killed. I being assigned to the command of the First Brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel Daboll took command of the regiment. July 3, followed the enemy to his works, five miles beyond Marietta. 4th, moved two miles to the right. 5th, followed the enemy to within two miles of the Chattahoochee River. 6th, moved to the left a mile and went into camp. Remained encamped on the north side of the Chattahoochee River until the 17th. Having been relieved of the command of First Brigade on the 13th, I took command of the regiment. July 17, crossed the river about 4 p. m.; bivouacked three miles from its bank; Companies H, F, K, and G deployed as skirmishers. 18th, marched four miles in a southeasterly direction. 19th, broke camp and moved forward three miles. 20th, advanced about a mile and a half and took position on right of General Geary's division; attacked by the enemy about 4.30 p. m.; engagement lasted till dark; enemy repulsed; loss, 4 officers and 46 men wounded and 14 men killed. 22d, advanced two miles; found the enemy strongly intrenched within two a half miles of