War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0930 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Decatur road, crosses the road, and runs in a direction facing a little north of east. Our line refuses and crosses the Decatur road a short distance from Baird's left. 5.45 p. m., Captain kellogg, aide-de-camp, General Thomas' staff, informed General Stanely that his line was not as he desired it. He wishes two divisions to run along the Decatur road on the other side of it. 6.15 p. m., General Thomas directed General Stanley to remain until to-morrow in the position he holds, not to move as directed at 5.45 p. m., but to put our pickets over the Decatur road, which was done. 7 p. m., General Newton reports that he made a reconnaissance with Opdycke's brigade in the direction of Rough and Ready, and that he found, about three-quarters of a mile from his camp, the enemy in force. Citizens report that the enemy is about Morrow's Mill, on Crooked Creek (about one mile and a quarter in our front), and that he is in strong works, about three miles long. He arrived at this position last evening and worked all night. Day very hot and clear. Casualties not reported.

August 31.-6 a. m., picket officers of Kimball's, Newton's, and Wood's divisions report that the enemy was moving all of last night past our front and toward the right, and that they could hear artillery and wagons moving with them. 7 a. m., fog has cleared off and our pickets can see the enemy's trains passing our front about one mile and a quarter off, moving to the right. 7.15 a. m., received verbal instructions from Major-General Thomas to make a demonstration this morning in the direction of Rough and Ready with one division, to be support of General Schofield, if he is attacked, or to move at any moment toward Jonesborough with the rest of the army; and to send our trains at once in the direction of Jonesborough, and to put them in park just north of Renfroe's house, on the Decatur and Fayette road. 7.35, sent orders to Generals Kimball and Wood to move their divisions forward to occupy the height ridges about a quarter of a mile in their front and on the other side of Decatur road before making the above-mentioned demonstration, and directed General Newton to remain where he is until General Schofield connects with him, and then to move to the right and connect with General Kimball in their new position. 8 a. m., started the trains (Captain Greenwood, aide-de-camp, directing their movements) for Renfroe's house-that is, all of the trains but headquarters few ammunition wagons-with troops. 10 a. m., General Schofield came up and made connection on our left. 10.15 a. m., our barricades have been built and everything is ready to move forward. Opposite us, about a mile, we can see the enemy's earth-works and men at work on them, and our skirmishers and the enemy's are now engaged. 10.20, Kimball's and Wood's divisions advanced in line of battle. Schofield advanced on our left and we very easily drove the enemy from their works. They ran at our approach and they were dismounted cavalry. Their works were on the east side of Crooked Creek. Our corps crossed at Thorn's Mill, Schofield's at Morrow's. 1 p. m., directed General kimball and Wood to move forward their divisions, Wood's to lead, toward the Atlanta and Macon Railroad. Our scout reports that it is only one mile and a half to it from this point on Crooked Creek. (Thorn's Mill). General Newton's division to remain at the creek. 1.30 pm., General Wood's head of column started on the march and General