War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0920 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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more fire-balls were thrown from the same point. He could not tell whether the troops were moving east or south. 8.45 p. m., directed division commanders to instruct their pickets to be on the alert and to watch closely for any movements of the enemy. 10 p. m., General Kimball's lookout reports he has seen the enemy's troops passing a fire from a point west of his position and moving southward; that the enemy has been unusually active since sundown. 10.20, Generals Wood and Newton report the enemy very active in their fronts. 11 p. m., reported the situation to General Thomas. Day very hot and clear.

P. S.-On the a. m. of August 17 no material change was discerned in the enemy's line, &c. No attack made or movement discovered.

August 17.-2 a. m., received Special Field Orders, Numbers 57, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, near Atlanta, Ga., dated August 16, 1864 (General Sherman), which read as follows:*

10 a. m., in accordance with the foregoing order, instructions were sent to division commanders to at once select a sufficient number of their best wagons from the ordnance trains to carry 100 rounds of ammunition (musket cartridges) per man in said wagons. Fifteen day's forage of six pound per animal per day must also be carried in said wagons. Also, to select the best teams from this supply train and load them with fifteen days' rations, to commence on the 20th instant. The ammunition wagons must move to-morrow to a position west of Proctor's Creek and in rear of Sherman's headquarters. The supply trains must move by the Marietta and Atlanta road from the railroad bridge, and park at the same place (sherman's) to-morrow. All surplus wagons must be sent back to Vining's Station to be parked by Colonel Hayes, chief quartermaster of the corps. Headquarters wagons, ambulances, caissons to be sent back before sundown to-morrow,a nd all surplus wagons, animals, &c., to be sent back to Vining's Station to-morrow. 11 a. m., General Kimball reports that the enemy is moving to his left, and that he should have some cavalry to cover his left flank. This dispatch was at once sent to department headquarters. 11.30, General Wood was ordered to send a regiment to relieve the right regiment of Kimball;'s division, which was done. 12 m., it now appears that the movements of the enemy discovered on our left this morning was only the marching of the enemy's troops into the positions vacated by them last night. 12.15 p. m., received extract from Special Field Orders, Numbers 226, headquarters Department of the Cumberland, near Atlanta, August 17, 1864, of which the following is a copy:+

12.15 p. m., received from department headquarters the following extract from a dispatch from General Sherman to General Thomas, dated August 17, with instructions to act in accordance therewith, viz:

Stanleys' line should be most persistent in annoying the enemy, and making feints as though looking for a place for assault, such to be kept up until to-morrow night.

12.15, directed division commanders to make a display of their force, and to make movements (so as to be seen by the enemy) as though they were moving and massing on our left for an attack; to keep up an active fire, &c. (This programme was carried out,


*See p. 168.


+See p. 169.