War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0912 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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ton reports that upon further examination it appears that the enemy has only retired his picket-line a little, and that his skirmishers have advanced over the open space to the woods. Later in the day General Newton occupied part of the enemy's skirmish rifle-pits, near the Atlanta road, on his left. 5.40 p. m., it is reported to Major-General Stanley that there are only eight of General Newton's men in the abandoned rifle-pits in his front and on the right of the Atlanta road, and he is directed to work up at least thirty men and place them in the same; also to strengthen them, commencing to do so at once, and to occupy seven of said rifle-pits on the left of the Atlanta road. 8 p. m., General Newton reports that this whole picket-line occupies the enemy's abandoned rifle-pits on the left of the Atlanta road. 8 p. m., General Newton reports that his while picket-line occupies the enemy's abandoned rifle-pits, and will strongly intrench to-night; that he thinks the pits on the left of the road were evacuated by some of General Wood's pickets before he could occupy them. Skirmishing along our line during the greater part of the day, and artillery firing was kept up between our batteries and those of the enemy in the forts in front of Atlanta. Casualties not over 15 to-day.

July 30.-Nothing of importance occurred to-day. Day very warm. Our lines or position not changed. Usual skirmishing and artillery firing. Have been strengthening our works to-day.

July 31.-10 a. m., received instructions from Major-General Thomas to refuse our left, to draw back our lines so as to cover the Buck Head road, and let our line by the left flank of the army. 2 p. m., issued Special Orders, Numbers 118, stating that a new work will be constructed by this command to-morrow, so as to cover the left flank of the army, commencing on Newton's line and running along Pea Vine Creek, intersecting the old rebel works near corps headquarters; General Newton to construct the work at the angle near his present works, General Wood the center, and general Grose the angle turning upon the old rebel works; this work to be commenced immediately after the troops have breakfasted to-morrow, and to be finished before night. But very little skirmishing or artillery or picket firing to-day. The first part of the day vary warm; thunder shower in the afternoon. But very few casualties to-day.

August 1.6 a. m., the troops of the three divisions of this corps commenced to work on the new line that we are to occupy to-night. 11 a. m., received from department headquarters a copy of Special Field Orders, Numbers 48, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, dated near Atlanta, Ga., August 1, 1864, as follows:*

7 p. m., the interior line of our works completed. 8 p. m., General Schofield moving his troops from the left, passing in our rear and going over to the right. Colonel Grose's division (First Division) stretched out this evening, and Kimball's brigade, of Newton's division, was moved over from the right and has gone into position on Grose's left, this division and brigade thus relieving all of Schofield's troops, and together with 2,000 men of Garrard's cavalry (dismounted) they occupy the works that were occupied by Schofield's corps. But little skirmishing to-day. At 5 p m. all of our artillery opened fire upon Atlanta and kept it up until dusk. Day very warm and clear.

August 2.-10 a. m., received note from General Whipple, chief of staff, saying that General Thomas wished to know whether there are any troops guarding the Powers' Ferry bridge. If so, and they


*For full text of orders (here omitted), see Part V.