War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0910 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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for positions for the reserve brigades, &c. We have been firing shell and shot from our guns into Atlanta during the whole day, and the enemy replies with his guns from the works around the city. Considerable skirmishing along our lines. No reports made of the casualties to-day, but the list is small. Day quite cool for July, and bright. General Newton seized a ridge in his front to-night and advanced some troops upon the same. He has strengthened the position by good works. P. S.-Twenty killed and wounded to-day.

July 25.-8.20 a. m., General Newton reports that Colonel Lane's regiment was advanced some distance up the ridge in his front last night, and he (Colonel Lane) reports this morning that the enemy is putting artillery in his front. He wishes, also, to know whether General Wood is to give him any assistance in taking part of his line; says he is building works for General Wood and Hooker, and does not wish to do so any longer. Replied to this note at 9.30 a. m., as follows:

General Newton will take such measures as he deems necessary to hold his line with as small a force as possible; he will also make it as impregnable as he can. The general commanding has no control over General Hooker's forces. He (Hooker) agreed to place two regiments on your right, but he had not done so yet. General Wood's lines is now two-thirds longer than yours.

It appears that General Wood cannot put two brigades in reserve, only one. This will give three reserve brigades from this corps when the contemplated movement is to be made. Considerable skirmishing to-day and artillery firing from both sides. Losses during the day, about 20 killed and wounded. Day pleasant for July; clear.

July 26.-Skirmishing and artillery firing during the greater part of the morning. Nothing further of interest. 3 p. m., received circular, of which following is a copy:*

5 p .m., received copy of Special Field Orders, Numbers 42, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi (Sherman), dated near Atlanta, Ga., July 25, 1864, as follows:+

5.15 p. m., directed General Newton to send his reserve brigade to the rear of his headquarters, if he has not done so, so that it may be moved in any direction desired. He replied at 6 p. m. that he had done so. 5.40 p. m., directed General Stanely to immediately move the two reserve brigades of his division to the abandoned works of the enemy on the left of General Schofield, his left to rest at the point where he crossed said works when marching to his present position; that the movement must be made before General Logan moves from his present position. 7.30 p. m., reported to General Thomas the movement of these three brigades. 10 p. m., received note from Major-General Sherman, of which the following is a copy:+

10.30 p. m., received note from Major-General Stanely, stating that Colonel Grose, after getting into position, found that his line (the line occupied by the division) would not be reasonably safe without one more regiment on his left, and asks that General Wood relieve his right regiment that he may place it on his left. The note was referred to General Wood, and he was requested to relive said right regiment of Colonel Grose's brigade. General Wood relieved the regiment before daylight. 11.15 p. m., received note, of which the following is a copy:+


*For circular (here omitted) see p. 174.


+For full text of orders and notes (here omitted) see Part V.