War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0909 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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Schofield's right brigade, which was moved off to the left and rear to prevent the enemy from again turning the army. 7.30 p. m., directed Major-General Stanley to send fifty men to the rear to the point where his column turns off of the Decatur road in marching to his present position, as a guard or alarm post. At same time directed General Newton to send a small force for a like purpose to the point where he crossed Peach Tree Creek,a nd, at same time, directed General Wood to send a small force for a like purpose about two miles to the rear toward the camp he left this a. m. No call was made for the troops of the corps to move to the left. The enemy attacked the Army of the Tennessee with three corps. At first he (the enemy) had the advantage, but was afterward driven back. Our assistance was not needed. This evening the right of this corps connects with General Hooker's left, on the right of the Buck Head and Atlanta road, and the left connects with Schofield's right on the road the leads to Atlanta via Hurt's house, as laid down on the map. Our lines are now well strung out, the corps occupying a front of over two miles. By 3 p. m. we were in position behind strong works. The rest of the breast-works were built within half na hour after the troops came up this a.m ., in almost an incredibly short time. Have lost but few men killed and wounded, and we have taken over 90 prisoners. The enemy has been firing steadily upon us all the afternoon with his artillery from the forts of Atlanta in our front. 8 p. m., sent note to General Thomas, stating that the two regiments would not now be sent to guard the rear from the enemy's cavalry; it is not necessary, as General Sherman has again gained possession of Decatur. Day hot and clear. P. S.-About 25 killed and wounded to-day.

July 23.10 a. m., received Special Field Orders, Numbers 41, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, dated near Atlanta, July 22, 1864, as follows:*

In accordance with the foregoing orders the artillery of this corps has been firing on Atlanta during this afternoon, and the enemy has been replying from his forts. Our camps are in easy artillery range; also corps headquarters. 7 p. m., directed the division commanders to bring in the troops that they sent out last evening to establish alarm posts. Considerable skirmish to-day. Losses not reported; small, though. Day very cool for July. P. S.-About 18 killed and wounded to-day.

July 24.-10 a. m., directed General Wood to relieve one brigade of General Stanley's division (Grose's), and to occupy the front now occupied by said brigade together with his own. Directed General Stanley to occupy the rest of his present front with one brigade and to hold this other tow brigades in reserve. Also, directed General Newton to occupy his present front with one brigade and to hold two brigades in reserve. Generals Stanley's and Newton's reserve brigades, four in all, to be placed in such position as to re-enforce the left of the army or to meet an attacking the rear, after the army of the Tennessee moves from our left. It is the intention to move the Army of the Tennessee to the right of the army, on Palmers' right, and when this is done Schofield is to refuse his command (which will then be the left), so as to form at almost right angles with this corps, his left resting toward the two forks of Peach Tree Creek. Garrard's cavalry will be on the left of Schofield. Nothing of importance done to-day. Principally employed in reconnoitering


*For full text of orders (here omitted) see Part V.