War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0908 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Heavy skirmishing. About two miles from Atlanta met the enemy in his exterior rifle-pits. Halted, and Stanley commenced to deploy. 7 a. m., received instructions from Major-General Sherman to deploy and feel toward our left for Schofield, and make and keep up connection, as the enemy has made a stand again at Atlanta within his forts and defensive works. 8 a. m., directed General Wood, who is marching on a direct road to Atlanta, to deploy and connect with Stanely. He (Wood) is now two miles from Atlanta, in two brigades, one in reserve. 8.20, Stanely deploying two brigades, one in reserve, connects with Schofield, now connected by skirmishers with his left. 8.50 a. m., General Hooker's skirmishers have come up and connect with us by skirmishers. 9 a. m.,head of Newton's column arrives at Walker's house, on the Atlanta road, about the position where Wood moves in to the left, and about two miles from the city. he is on the direct road leading from Buck Head to atlanta. He is directed to go into line, facing Atlanta, and connecting on the left with General Wood. 9.25 a. m., General Sherman directs General Howard to keep connection with General Schofield and not to break it until to-morrow, when he can join General Thomas; not to mind the connection with General Hooker. 9.30 a. m., received orders from Major-General Thomas not to break connection with General Hooker. At once sent word to General Thomas of General Sherman's order, and proceeded to join. 9.40 a. m., directed General Newton to reserve one brigade to cover his right until Hooker makes perfect connection with him, and if we move forward to keep up connection and move with General Wood. 12.30 p. m., directed on Atlanta at 3 p m. All of the batteries to his left, of Sherman's army, will open upon Atlanta at once, and to have our skirmishers advance. 1.45 p. m., General Newton reports that it is important to hold the road that passes by what will be his right flank, if he connects with Wood, and that he must keep a force on the right of it. 1.50, sent word to Newton to put one brigade in line on the left, and at the same time directed General Wood to stretch out and connect with Newton. In reply to this message General Newton said that he would now advance the brigade that he is to put on the right of the road and connect with General Hooker on a ridge. 2.10 p. m., General Corse, of General Sherman's staff, called at field headquarters on the way to General Thomas, and directed General Howard to be ready to move to the left as soon as he gets orders; that the enemy has turned McPherson's left, and that Mcpherson has been killed. orders were at once sent to division commanders to be ready to move as soon as called upon, &c. McPherson's army was attacked in the rear, the enemy having passed around his left flank. Afterwards the left front of Schofield was attacked, which was about 4.45 p. m., It appears that the enemy is rolling his attack down toward our position. 5.15, division commanders directed to have their troops stand to arms in the front line. 5.40 p. m., directed General Stanley to send two regiments back as a guard to the bridge he built over the north fork of Peach Tree Creek. This order countermanded at 7 p. m. 6 p. m., General Stanley puts all of his troops in line of battle. His reserve brigade was put on his left to relieve