War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0904 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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the bridge he has constructed over north fork of Peach Tree Creek, on the Decatur road, the road on which he made the reconnaissance to-day. Also sent word to Generals Newton and Wood to be prepared to follow this movement, Newton to be prepared in one hour's time. 3 p. m., Knefler's brigade, of Wood's division, forces a crossing over Peach Tree Creek a short distance below the Atlanta road, and, moving toward that road with heavy skirmishing and under rapid artillery fire, succeeds in driving the enemy out of his strong bridge-head at the point where the Atlanta road crosses the creek. They drove back a brigade of infantry. General Wood at once commenced to cross Gibson's brigade to support Knefler. Wood's troops sustained slight loss in crossing at the point mentioned, as it was under the cover of high ground on the enemy's side of the creek, and the crossing was made under a heavy artillery fire from our own guns. The enemy have been driven back to a ridge a short distance from the river. Prisoners taken, who were from Hardee's corps, state that the main part of Johnston's army is about one mile or two miles back from the river, across the Atlanta road, and strongly fortified. 4.20 p. m., received verbal instructions from Major-General Thomas to move directly on Atlanta to-morrow morning, starting at 5 a. m.; for the corps so to move. 4.25, preparatory to making this movement directed General Newton to move his division as soon as possible to the Atlanta road crossing of Peach Tree Creek, to put his division on the left of the Atlanta road and near to the creek on this side, and to be ready to support General Wood's troops on the other side of the creek; also leave his pickets on the road he made the reconnaissance to-day, at the same place he had been picketing this evening. General Newton arrived at the place indicated and put in two brigades on this side of the river, and threw the other over the river to the support of Hazen's brigade, of Wood's division, that is occupying the enemy's bridge-head. (This brigade crossed at about 4.30 p. m.) General Hazen directed to relive Knefler's and Gibson's brigades, of Wood's division, now on the other side of the creek at dark, and let them return to camp to make preparations for the march to-morrow. 4.25, sent word to Stanely to push his whole division over north fork of Peach Tree Creek, and make preparations to advance toward Atlanta to-morrow. 6 p. m., published order of the day for the corps to-morrow, as follows:*

9 p. m., General Schofield now about one mile from Stanely's left. The corps has advanced about two and a half or three miles to-day. General Wood captured 35 prisoners, 1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 captain, and 2 lieutenants, all from Hardee's corps. Our loss in killed and wounded very small for the work done and results; about 25 killed and wounded.

July 20.+-4.30 a. m., reported to Major-General Thomas for instructions as to Stanely's and Newton's routes of march, and he said that the programme was somewhat changed-in this, that Newton would move down the Atlanta road from his present position on the same, and that Wood (two brigades of whose division have gone back to Buck Head, and one remains at the crossing of Peach Tree Creek with Newton) would move with his whole division, and join Stanley, and then move directly toward Atlanta. 6 a. m., directed General Wood to march at once to join General Stanley on the other side of the north fork of Peach Tree Creek. 6 a. m., directed


*For full text of orders (here omitted) see Part V.


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