War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0902 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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gades in camp about half a mile in the rear of Newton's division as a reserve, and also to look out for the ammunition trains. 3.15 p. m., messenger arrived from General Schofield, and said this (Schofield's) right is now about one mile from our left. General Stanely was at once directed to keep open communication with General Schofield by patrols; to keep them going often; and sent word to Major-General Schofield that communication would so be kept up with him. 3.30 p. m., directed General Wood to attempt to communicate with General Hooker by patrols from our right. 5 p. m., General Thomas sent word to General Howard by Captain Pearson, who had taken him a message from Buck Head, that unless he (Thomas) got further orders from General Sherman (and in case he did he would send the same to General Howard to-night) that he wished General Howard, with Hooker and Palmer, to push the enemy toward Peach Tree Creek in the morning with a strong skirmish line. 6 p. m., General Hooker's command arrived; head of column at Buck Head. 7 p. m., reported to General Thomas the situation. 9 p. m., published to division commanders orders of the day for the Fourth Army Corps for to-morrow, as follows:*

The cavalry force that has been opposing us to-day is William's (Kentucky) brigade. The road which we moved on was a road leading from Powers' Ferry to the Roswell Factory and Atlanta road and then down said Roswell Factory and Atlanta road. The roads are good and broader than any roads that we have yet moved on in Georgia. We have had only 6 wounded to-day. A lieutenant-colonel of the enemy was killed and a captain wounded, both of whom fell into our hands. The day very warm.

July 19.-12.45 a. m., received note from department headquarters (General Thomas) stating that at daylight to-morrow morning (on the morning of July 19) General Howard will send a division upon the main road leading from his front to Atlanta; to keep the head of column covered by skirmishers; to press the enemy strongly, and be prepared to re-enforce the division if it becomes necessary. Major-Generals Hooker and Palmer will be each directed to send a division in the same direction, at the same hour, from their fronts. 12.45 a. m., sent instructions modifying orders of the day for Fourth Corps for to-day, as follows: General Wood to make his reconnaissance with two brigades, holding his third under arms ready to support the two at a moment's notice, and to start down the main road to Atlanta, covering his front with a strong line of skirmishers, and to start at 5 a. m. instead of 6; Generals Stanley and Newton will make their reconnaissances at 5 a. m., instead of 6, and with one regiment only, and to hold their divisions in readiness to support General Wood. 5 a. m., Generals Wood, Stanley and Newton will make their reconnaissances indicated in orders this a. m. and last night. About one mile from Peach Tree Creek the enemy commenced skirmishing with General Wood. (This was also about one mile from Buck Head.) General Wood drove them before him, and reached Peach Tree Creek at 6.30 a. m. The skirmishers were driven over the creek and burned the bridge as they crossed. The enemy has a good bridge-head on the other side of the creek that can be seen; it is constructed for infantry. Considerable smoke can be discerned on the ridge about half a mile beyond the river; appears to be a camp. Brought up our artillery and opened on the enemy; he replied with artillery. The crossing of Peach Tree


*For full text of orders (here omitted) see Part V.