War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0899 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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from General Schofield, stating will he will advance his right and connect with our left to-night. 7.20 p. m., directed General Newton to double his picket-line and advance it, in conjunction with General Wood, at 5 a. m. to-morrow, to the corn-field in his front, where the enemy's pickets were this afternoon. Also directed him to send two regiments, and, if possible, all his pioneers, early in the morning, to assist General Stanley in building the trestle bridge over the river at Powers' Ferry; General Newton to build that part of the bridge from the south bank to the island, and Stanley that part from the island to the north bank. Stanley was directed this afternoon to build the bridge, and he thinks, with the assistance of General Newton, that he can construct it in one day, by to-morrow evening, provided he can get spikes, &c. 8 p. m., General Howard reported to General Thomas that he had reconnoitered a mile to our front and right; that there are cavalry pickets, but no infantry pickets on the bluff just across Island Creek, &c. 8.30 p. m., directed General Wood to move the elite of his division at 5 a. m. to-morrow down the south side of the river to Pace's Ferry, for the purpose of covering the laying of a pontoon ridge at that point; to take one-half of his ambulances; leave the other half, his trains, &c., behind; not to relive his picket-line, but advance it at 5 a. m. to-morrow in conjunction with General Newton's; after the bridge has been thrown over the river, and as soon as General Baird commences to cross his division, to return to his present camp. 9 p. m., informed General Newton that some of the enemy's scouts were trying to pass out of our lines; to watch well to his left to-night for them; informed him that General Schofield will come up on his left in the morning. 12.20 p. m., received dispatch from General Thomas, stating that as General Sherman wished to wait until he hears from Stoneman before crossing the Fourteenth Corps, the movement will be delayed until further orders. Day very hot. No skirmishing, but considerable picket-firing since dark.

July 14.- 12.30 a. m., directed General Wood not to move in the morning as directed, nor until further orders; also directed him and General Newton not to advance their pickets this morning. Generals Stanley and Newton working at the trestle bridge at Powers' Ferry. Nothing of importance occurred. Waiting on General Stoneman. As soon as Generals Sherman hears from him, or he returns from his expedition, we will advance. Day very hot. Heavy fall of rain, commencing at dark and lasting two hours. But little picket-firing.

July 15.- Nothing of importance occurred to-day. We remained in camp waiting orders to advance. Day very hot. No skirmishing or picket-firing of any consequence.

July 16.- 10 a. m., received a note from Major-General Thomas, directing that one division of this corps move at daylight to-morrow morning down the river to Pace's Ferry and cover the laying of the bridge and the crossing of one division of the Fourteenth Corps, after which the division to return to its camp. 1 p. m., received Special Field Orders, Numbers 35, from headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi (General Sherman), dated July 14, 1864, as follows:* 3 p. m., sent directions to General Wood to move the elite of his division, starting at 4.30 a. m. to-morrow, down the south side of the Chattahoochee to Pace's Ferry, for the purpose of covering the laying of a pontoon bridge at that point; as soon as said bridge has


*For full text of orders (here omitted) see Part V.