War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0898 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Dodge, and that he (General T[homas]) thinks he will return to-day. 4.30 p. m., received orders from General Thomas (verbal, per Brigadier-General Whipple, assistant adjutant-general) to secure the hill at Powers' Ferry, on south side, just below the crossing, and to lay a pontoon bridge over the river at that point. 5 p. m., in accordance with instructions from General Thomas, Colonel Buell, commanding pontoon train, reported to General Howard for orders, and he was instructed to lay one of the pontoon ridges now used by General Schofield over the river at Powers' Ferry early to-morrow, July 12. 6 p. m., directed General Stanley to march his division over the river, crossing on one of General Schofield's pontoon bridges early in the morning, and to move down and take possession of the hill near the crossing at Powers' Ferry, to hold the same, and to strengthen this position when he gained it. No skirmishing or picket-firing to-day. Day very hot.

July 12.- 3 a. m., received instructions from Major-General Thomas to move the whole corps to the south of the river. 3 a. m., sent a note to General Newton, at roswell ferry, directing him to return to his old camp and make preparations to cross the river at Powers' Ferry. 5 a. m., Stanley started with his division across the river, moving over the pontoon bridge at Phillips Ferry. From the south side of the river, at this point, he is to move down and occupy the ridge near Powers' Ferry. 7 a. m., directed General Wood to cross over the pontoon bridge, which Colonel Buell was to throw over the river at Powers' Ferry, at 10 a. m. to-day. General Wood left camp at 11 a. m., and reached the ferry at 11.30 a. m., but was not able to cross until after 12 m., the time when the pontoon bridge was compelled. 1 p. m., received note from department headquarters, stating that if Colonel Buell had a bridge down at Powers' Ferry to relieve it as soon as the trestle is completed at Phillips' Ferry, and to order Colonel Buell had a bridge the river at Pace's Ferry; also, Captain Kossak, who is at the saw-mill at Rottenwood Creek, will put his bridge down at Powers' when Buell's is taken up. The necessary orders in this matter were at once given. 4.10 p. m., reported to General Thomas that the two divisions (Stanley's and Wood's) have crossed the river and gone into position. Wood is on the left and Stanley on the right. They ridge they occupy is a short distance from the river, and running nearly parallel thereto, and being in advance of the one occupied by General Schofield, almost masking his troops. 7.45 p. m., General Newton reports that he has returned to his old camp. 8 p. m., directed General Newton to issue clothing to his troops, and to be prepared to move over the river in the morning; that orders would be sent to him directing him when to march. No skirmishing or picket-firing to-day. The enemy on the south side of the river (a few cavalry) fled at our approach. Day very hot; a slight shower at 3.30 p. m.

July 13.- 5 a. m., directed General Wood to move his division to the ridge in his front as early as practicable this morning, and to occupy as wide a front thereon as he can, and that General Newton will go into position on his left. 5 a. m., directed General Newton to cross the Chattahoochee this morning over the pontoon bridge at Powers' Ferry, and to occupy a position on the second ridge on the south side thereof, on the left of General Wood's division. 9 a. m., General Newton crossing the river. 12 m., was verbally directed by General Thomas to move a division to Pace's Ferry and cover the laying of a pontoon bridge at that place (over which the Fourteenth Corps are to cross) in the morning. 6 p. m., received note