War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0890 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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11 p. m., sent orders to division commanders to make demonstrations with their skirmish lines (with Grose's main line) when the batteries open to-morrow a. m. between 6 and 7, and to move their troops from the front of batteries if possible; if not, for the batteries for fire solid shot. Usual picket-firing to day; but few casualties. Day very hot.

July 2.- Nothing of importance occurred this a. m. 12.30 p. m., received instructions from department headquarters, stating that General King would move into the position to be vacated by Major-General McPherson to-night, and that after dark this corps would take the position indicated, its left resting on the Dallas and Marietta road. 1 p. m., instructed General Stanley to relieve General Newton as soon as it was dark, extend his line on the left as far as Sutermeister's battery; General Newton to relieve General Wood and to hold the line, his right resting at Sutermeister's battery, his left at Dilger's, and General Wood to relieve General King's division, of the Fourteenth Corps, his right to rest at Dilger's battery, his left on the Dallas and Marietta road. 3 p. m., received orders from department headquarters to be ready to move at a moment's warning. At same time received Special Field Orders, Numbers 31, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, dated July 1, 1864, as follows:* The usual picket-firing through the day. The day very hot. 11.30 p. m., received a note from department headquarters stating that there is reason to believe that the enemy intends to withdraw to-night, and General Thomas directs General howard to feel the enemy at some point of his line between now and midnight, and also in the morning, for the purpose of ascertaining whether he has done so; that it will not do to attempt a night movement with a large force, as confusion would result, but be prepared at daybreak to act according to the best information that can be obtained to-night, &c. 11.40 p. m., sent order to Major-General Stanley to feel the enemy at some point in his front, to ascertain whether he had gone, and to be prepared to act in the morning in accordance with such information as he may gain of the movements of the enemy; also sent orders to Generals Newton and Wood to be prepared at daybreak to follow the enemy if he retreats.

July 3.- 2.45 a. m., General Stanley reports the enemy has gone from his front, and that his skirmishers occupy his works. 3 a. m., Generals Newton and Wood report that the enemy has left their fronts. 3 a. m., sent word to Major-General Thomas that the enemy has left our front, and he sent back word to organize the troops of this corps and be ready for pursuit of the enemy. These instructions were sent to division commanders at 3.40 a. m., and the order of march was established as follows: Stanley to lead, then Newton, then Wood. 4.50, ordered General Wood to leave one regiment in Marietta to guard the corps train which would follow his division. 5 a. m., General Stanley's column, preceded by skirmishers, started in pursuit of the enemy, moving on the Dallas and Marietta road. 7.45, received instructions from General Thomas to move down the railroad toward the Chattahoochee River, in two columns, if possible, when we reached it (the railroad). 8 a. m., our skirmishers enter Marietta. 8.45, head of Stanley's column reaches the Military Academy building, just south of Marietta. Found that General Hooker's column was here, commencing to cross ours, moving toward Marietta.


*For full next of orders (here omitted) see Part IV.