War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0881 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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Wood's staff officers reports the enemy moving to our right, as if toward General Schofield's position. 6.50, directed General Newton to advance a strong line of skirmishers, and General Wood to follow up this movement with a similar line, to find out whether the enemy was leaving. This was done at once, with a yell and a rush. The skirmish line was so strengthened that it amounted to a line of battle. The enemy, after a strong resistance, was driven from his breast-works, that part of the old breast-works not evacuated by him yesterday in front of Newton's and Palmer's right, and the works in front of Hazen's brigade, of Wood's division. After the works were taken, the skirmish line remained in the enemy's works and was strongly re-enforced by newton and Wood. 9 a. m., ordered Newton and Wood to advance their main lines and take possession of the ridge just this side and very near the rebel works that our skirmishers occupy. The movement was commenced at once. At same time General Baird, of Palmer's corps, was requested to move up on the prolongation of Newton's division, and he replied that he had positive orders from General Palmer not to advance. However, he moved up at 10 a. m. 10.15, Newton and Wood in position. One of Stanley's brigades has been placed in position on Newton's left, where Baird came up in reserve in rear of left, and one on Wood's right. This not to be done until after the fighting was over. 10.50 a. m., sent dispatch to Major-General Thomas, giving him information of our position, and telling what we had done. 12.15 p. m., the enemy have made vigorous attacks on our troops in their works, trying to drive them out, but have not succeeded. 12.20 p. m., received dispatch from General Thomas, stating that General McCook has turned the rebel left with his cavalry, taking a hospital, with prisoners, &c., and that we must take every opportunity to annoy the enemy now, that he must not be unless and attack promises good results. 12.45 p. m., directed General Wood to relieve General Stanley's troops in his left, between his left and Newton's right, by two regiments, and, when relieved, for General Stanley to move these troops to the right of Wood's division, and to relieve to four right regiments of Hazen's brigade, Wood's division. 1.30 p. m., received note from General Thomas, stating report of 10.50 a. m. received, and was perfectly satisfactory; saying, do not lose connection with Palmer and Hooker unless flanks protected by bad ground or the enemy is retreating. In latter case to notify Hooker and Palmer, and press the enemy with infantry, and give him as many shells as our artillery can throw. He also stated that "General Sherman is at least very much pleased; our consciences approve of our work, and I hope all will go right." 5 p. m., received note from General Thomas, with diagram of our lines, requesting General H[oward] to put a battery in front of Kimball's right, so as to enfilade the enemy's works in front of Baird, so that Baird may gain possession of the same, and plant a battery so as to enfilade the enemy's new line of works in front of Wood's division. 6.30 p. m., directed General Newton to have barricades made during the night in front of skirmishers that connect the right of his main line and the left of Wood's skirmish line. 6.45, General H[oward] replies to General Thomas' note, received at 5 p. m., stating that he was already establishing a battery at the point indicated; that General Baird has batteries and works ar-