War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0876 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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June 12,- 7.40, reported that General Wood has not yet moved over to fill the gap on our left. 8 a. m., wrote a note to General Wood, wishing to know why the order was not obeyed; why he did not move at sunrise; that his assistant adjutant-general receipted for the order before midnight. 10 a. m., General Wood replied that he did not get the order before sunrise, through the fault of his assistant adjutant-general, and that he moved as soon afterward as possible. The gap was not as large as reported; was filled by one of Wood's regiments at about 9 a. m., the rest of his division going in reserve. 12.30, set 200 prisoners to work on the road leading from camp to Big Shanty road. They repaired the road before dark. 1 p. m., sent word to division commanders that the supply train was parked near Big Shanty, and to repair old roads or to cut new ones from their present positions to that place. 1.30 p. m.,

General Stanley reports that Colonel Champion, who is on the picket-line, reports that the enemy is moving in large force to our right; they have been passing for one hour and are now passing. At once sent this information to General Thomas at Big Shanty. 1.40, sent staff officer to Generals Newton and Stanley to tell them to order up their ammunition trains nearer to their divisions. 8.50 p. m., received note from General Thomas, dated 6 p. m., asking for further information of movements of the enemy (Lieutenant Gilman has been sent to General Thomas with such information, &c.), stating that it is reported that the enemy is retreating, that General Stanley's report confirms this report, and ordering our advance guard to be vigilant to-night and report all movements of the enemy which they are certain of. 9 p. m., sent substance of General Thomas' report to division commanders, and directed them to report to these headquarters any movements of the enemy which their pickets may observe and be certain off. 11.50 p. m., General Stanley reports that the officer in command of pickets reports the enemy moving his column, seeming from rebel right to left, and about Pine Top Knob; "their commands can be plainly heard, such as 'bring your column this way,' &c.; " that the enemy has built large fires on Pine Top, &c.; their picket-line remains unchanged. This report was sent at 12 midnight to General thomas. Rained hard all day; deep mud. Trains can move only with great difficulty.

June 13.- 6 a. m., received note from General Whipple, chief of staff, dated Big Shanty, June 13, 3.40 a. m., stating note had been received:

Should the enemy menace - might attack you - all that can be done is to hold yourself in readiness. Should he move to attack McPherson's left and get around his left flank at our wagon train, which is probably his other object, you will hold yourself in readiness to move to the left to Moon's Station. At the same time, at the first signal of activity on the enemy and push for Pine Hill. Major-General Sherman informs us that the enemy has had his cavalry feeling well in the space between McPherson's (Blair's) left and Garrard's.

7 a. m., Generals Stanley and Newton report no change in their front. Enemy keeps up same show as yesterday. Rained all day. No change of importance in our lines. Nothing new. Only little picket-firing.

June 14.- 5.30, general and staff started out to ride the lines. 9 a. m., ordered Generals Newton and Wood, through Colonel Sherman, to wheel the line to the right, conforming to the movement of General Baird, of Palmer's corps, who was to move forward the east