War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0875 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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advanced; he only had one-half of a division in front. 1.30, sent Captain Bridges to see General Thomas, who was with General Palmer, and find out whether General P[almer] was to advance, and whether there were any orders, &c. 2 p. m., Captain B[ridged] returned from General Thomas, who sent word that General Davis' division, of Palmer's corps, was deployed and would advance, supported by the rest of the corps, and that he wanted the brigade of Stanley's, now deployed in front, to advance at the same time, and the rest of this corps, following in column, to be ready to support it. 2.30 p. m., General Howard went over to see General Thomas. General T[homas] directed him not to proceed any farther, but to go into camp and hold our position. 3.30 p. m., directed General Stanley to connect with Palmer on the left- are very near together - and to go into position with one brigade front, his other two brigades massed and prepared to front to the left, and at the same time directed General Newton to place his command in position on the right of the road, in echelon, in column of two regiments front, uniting with Stanley, and prepared to face to the right of the road and in the rear of Newton, in column two regiments front, prepared to face to the right, and to fill the gap between Newton and Hooker's corps on our right. Our line now faces southeast, and fronts Pine Top Knob. Prisoners report the enemy in strength and well fortified, their works extending from Kenesaw Mountain to Lost Mountain. 5.30 p. m., General Wood's division covers Geary's (of Hooker's corps) entirely, and is in advance of it, and connects with the left of the Butterfield's division, of same corps, Geary's division being refused on the left and Butterfield's division on his right facing east. Country covered with dense woods; few fields. Three or four very hard rain-storm during the day.

June 11.- 1 a. m., received orders for June 11, 1864, from headquarters Department of the Cumberland.* 5 a. m., the orders of the day were read to General Stanley, and instructions given in accordance therewith. They were also read to General Newton and General Wood soon afterward. 9 a. m., Palmer's troops commenced to move to the left, and after the movement was completed the gap left was filled by Grose's brigade and few more troops of Stanley's division. Stanley goes into position in two lines, reserving two regiments. In accordance with orders given at 5 a. m., Newton's division moved in the rear of Stanley, and the small gap that he left was filled by Wood's division passing to the left. 7.10 p. m., received information that Baird's division, Palmer's corps, had been ordered to move to the left one mile, and was then moving, and was ordered to fill the gap which he would leave (Baird connected with Stanley's left). At once ordered Newton to fill the gap with his division. 10 p. m., Newton reported that he could not fill all of the gap. At once orders were given to General Wood to move his division to Newton's left at sunrise in the morning, and fill up all of the gap left between Newton and Palmer (Baird's division), and to keep all of his division not necessary to fill up the gap in reserve. Little skirmishing along our lines to-day. The enemy opened artillery fire from four guns on Stanley's left. He fired from a battery in his works on Pine Top Knob. Very heavy rain-storms through the day; rained nearly the entire day; mud deep. Country thickly wounded; very blind.


*For full text of orders (here omitted) see Part IV.