War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0853 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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rear guard could be cut off. 12 midnight, received note from Major-General Sherman, asking to have the railroad repaired to Dalton:

Move cavalry force forward carefully, supported by infantry; select on south front of Dalton for forts, in case the enemy should turn; have not discovered whether he is at Resaca or not; think he is about Swamp Creek; keep your troops light and feel to the right. Have a good force at the gap of Snake Creek. Tell McCook and Stoneman to strike the retiring wagons of the enemy.

McCook's cavalry opened communication with General Sherman at about 7 p. m. to-day. Schofield's left about one mile from our right. Took about 100 prisoners. Day clear and warm. Lost very few men in wounded in skirmish of to-day. Roads good, but very narrow. Dense woods on either side the latter half of to-day's march. Plenty of water.

May 14.- 2.30 a. m., instructed General Stanley to move directly on enemy's rear guard at sunrise in the morning, marching across Swamp Creek, toward Tilton. 2 a. m., instructed General McCook to move toward Tilton, covering General Stanley's right. Informed General Stoneman, at 2 a. m., of this contemplated movement, and instructed him to press hard when he heard our guns. At 2.45 instructed General Newton and Wood to be ready at sunrise in the morning to move to the support of General Stanley or to fight in position. 5 a. m., received dispatch from General Sherman directing General Howard to effect junction with General Schofield and to report to Major-General Thomas for orders. General Schofield will inform him of the instructions that have been given. 5.15 a. m., received dispatch from Major-General Thomas to move our troops down the main roads toward Resaca until a junction is formed with the rest of the army, when further orders will be given. At once gave orders for the corps to march, in accordance with General Thomas' orders. Marched command at 6 a. m., General Stanley's division leading, then Newton, then Wood. Left headquarters at 6.30 for front. Stanley commenced march at 5.30 a. m. for the direct Dalton and Resaca road. General Newton and General Wood following, marched at sunrise on the road parallel and about two miles to the right of General Stanley. All wagons but the ammunition wagons ordered to move on Sugar Valley road; ammunition wagons to follow divisions. 7.30 a. m., the head of newtons' column reached Widow Swift's house. 8.45 a. m., came up with General Schofield on the left of the line of battle, as it was then formed, fronting Resaca. Received verbal instructions from General Thomas, through General Schofield, to form on his left in line of battle, in the prolongation of the line as it then was formed. At once sent word to General Stanley to cross over and form on General Woods' left. at 9.30 commenced to form line of battle. Some little confusion, caused by General Cox (who was on Schofield's left being lost with two brigades; formed though, on his left regiment, which was isolated. A gap was then between this regiment and Schofield, and Newton temporarily filled it until Cox came up. 12.30, sent note to General Thomas or Sherman, stating that Stanley was passing down the road just below Tilton, telling about the gap in our line, and saying would push slowly and concentrate as we advanced. Our line was coming into position about 1 p. m., center of line about four miles from Resaca. At 1 p. m. sent word to Wood to advance, pushing out his skirmishers well. Stanley, who reported his command near by, was at the same time instructed to advance as General Wood advanced. Newton was now advanc-