War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0849 Chapter L. REPORTS,ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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A reply was at once returned, saying that they would be relieved. At 1.30 p.m. received note from General Newton, dated 9.15 a.m., stating that General Wagner had been reconnoitering the enemy in his front, and finds things the same as the day before, and that during the night the enemy advanced his pickets in the valley,on the east side of the Rocky Face Ridge, and that the picket officer reports that the enemy were busy chopping during the night opposite Colonel Harker. 1.40, too much firing along the picket-line in front of General Wood; sent Captain Stinson to see what it was. Reported all right; the enemy firing. 2.10, sent word to General Wood to strengthen the left of his picket-line at the point where it joins General Newton's right, and to keep a good reserve for it. He reported that he had an extra reserve of one regiment at that point. This corps did not march this a.m., in consequence of orders received from department headquarters directing it to remain at this point, and to hold Buzzard Roost Gap and Tunnel Hill while the rest of the troops went to join McPherson via Snake Creek Gap. General Stoneman's cavalry to be and remain on our left and McCook on our right. At 3.30 p.m. ordered division commanders to send back to Ringgold, at daylight to-morrow a.m., all of their trains but one wagon to a regiment, division and brigade headquarters wagon, ammunition wagons, and hospital wagons and ambulances. Ordered General Stanley to occupy the position now held by General Davis, of Fourteenth Corps, at Buzzard Roost at 8 p.m., relieving Davis, and to place one brigade on the right of the railroad and the other on the left; to place his remaining brigade and artillery in position near signal hill, moving to these positions under cover from the enemy's fire and hiding them from his view. Ordered General Newton (at same hour) to take position before morning in such manner as to defend, as long as practicable, the gap at the north end of Rocky Face Ridge, reserving one brigade. Ordered General Wood (at same hour) to leave one brigade in the valley at the base of western side of Rocky Face Ridge; to hold his picket-line in his present position, keeping up connection with Stanley on the right and Newton on the left, and to place his remaining two brigades in the best defensible position on Tunnel Hill, near the crossing of the Tunnel Station and Dalton road. In accordance with instructions from Major-General Sherman, ordered Major-General Stanley to make a reconnaissance through Buzzard Roost Gap, to find out whether the enemy was yet in his works and had not retreated. Reconnaissance was made at 5 p.m. to dusk, with Cruft's Brigade, conducted by General Howard. Developed the enemy in front in considerable force. Drew fire from seven guns in different positions, but the most of them behind the same line of works, directly in our front. The fire of the enemy's sharpshooters very accurate (as it has been for the past few days) and severe. Reported this fact to Major-General Sherman. At 7 p.m. received report from a rebel deserter, through Brigadier-General Wagner, stating that only three divisions of the enemy now in front of Dalton; rest gone to Resaca; some went this afternoon. Received a dispatch from General Wagner, on Rocky Face Ridge, stating that the enemy's regiments were leaving the valley on the west side of the ridge, and moving toward Dalton, but that their front line across the valley was still kept up. General Stanley yet holds the advanced position beyond the head of Buzzard Roost gorge that he had gained by reconnaissance