War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0845 Chapter L. REPORTS,ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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connect pickets with General Wood if possible.7.30 received orders from General Thomas to send re-enforcements to General Wood, and to instruct him to continue his reconnaissance as far as practicable. Immediately sent a note to him, asking what re-enforcements he needed, and where he needed them; also, to re-enforce his skirmish line, if it was too far advanced, and to connect it with Harker's. At 9 p.m. General Wood replied that he did not need re-enforcements; that he had General Barry, of Sherman's staff, that he had pushed out his skirmish line to a great distance without being followed by solid lines, and out of this without being followed by solid lines, and out of this remark grew the supposition that he needed re-enforcements. His line united with Harker's. At 9.15 p.m. (based upon verbal instructions received from Major-General Thomas) sent note to General Newton stating that General Thomas desired to take possession of Rocky Face Ridge in the morning, and that he would make a demonstration down the valley, and try to ascend the eastern slope of the ridge, taking the enemy in flank and reverse; the movement to commence at 6 a.m. At 10.50 p.. sent word to Schofield, telling him that Newton would try to carry the ridge as stated, and asking him to cover his (Newton's) left. At 11 p.m. received note from General Stanley stating that he held all the ground that his skirmishers had gained through the day, and if necessary he would sent out two brigades to support it in the morning. At once replied, "All right," and stated that General Palmer would make a reconnaissance up to the enemy's works at 6 in the morning, and that he would support Palmer's line with his right brigade. At 11.15 p.m. sent General Wood word of the work laid out for Newton in the morning, and directed him to keep connection with Newton's skirmish line,and to feel his way carefully up the heights, and not to engage his main line if he could avoid it. At 12 p.m. sent orders to Lieutenant-Colonel Remick, commissary of subsistence, and Lieutenant-Colonel Hayes, quartermaster, to bring up three days' rations and forage him the morning from Ringgold. We lost about 15 men killed and wounded in Newton's division during the skirmish on Rocky Face Ridge, and but 3 or 4 in other two divisions. The day was very clear and warm. Troops in good spirits. While on skirmish line this p.m. General Howard's clothes were pierced by a rebel bullet.

May 9.- Left headquarters for the front at 6.05 a.m. 7.15, went up on Rocky Face Ridge, and the general ordered skirmish line to advance up the side of the ridge in front, and to keep the attention of the enemy. Went to General Stanley's headquarters at 7.45 a.m., and at that time received note from General Palmer, dated 7.20, stating that he saw a column of troops moving along the crest of Rocky Face north; seemed to be large. Replied that a demonstration in our front had been ordered, and that Newton would carry the ridge if possible. General Schofiel'ds corps has formed with its right rest in on Newton's left, being just in the gorge at the end of the ridge. Skirmishing commenced this morning at 6.30 9.05 a.m., General Newton reports that the rebel in Harker's front are falling back to a stronger position, and that he thinks Harker has taken the signal station. This information at once sent to Generals Stanley and Wood, and Wood was instructed to send word along his skirmish line of this fact, and to tell them to be cautions and not fire into Harker's line; to keep up connection with it. Received a dispatch from General Newton, dated 8 a.m., at 9.10, inclosing dispatch to him from Harker, dated 7.15