War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0844 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Major Howard returned from General Newton and informed the general that Harker had only reached half way from the north end of the ridge, to the rebel signal station, where he met the enemy in force. At that point the ridge was very narrow; not a company could march abreast on it, and cliffs on either side. At 12.30 a.m. instructions were sent to Generals Stanley and Wood to press forward as soon as Harker could take the signal station. 12.30, General Sherman arrived; had conversation with General Howard, and left. 12.45 by direction of General Sherman, General Palmer was directed to move Baird's division, with the leading brigade in column, down the road on which his left rested, so that the enemy might see it. 12.50, instructed General Stanley to prepare his batteries to act in immediate front if necessary. 1.10,directed General Wood to press forward his skirmishers, taking care to keep up communication with Stanley. 1.20, signaled to General Sherman that the rebels appeared to be moving in force along the summit of Rocky Face Ridge toward Harker. 1.25 sent word to Stanley to keep the two pieces of artillery below with him, and that the rest had better be kept on the hill. At 1.40 General Howard sent to General Sherman; the went to General Stanley; then to General Davis (of Fourteenth Corps), and found that he was just ready to push out a force to take Round Top Hill, directly in front of his division, and nearly at the head of the valley, on the west of the ridge, and almost in front of Buzzard Roost Gap. At 2.40 sent word to General Wood that Newton had been ordered to push Harker's brigade along the summit of the ridge until he could take the signal station, if possible, and that General Howard had gone to conduct a reconnaissance with Stanley's troops. At 3.30 sent word to Stanley to send forward skirmishers in conjunction with General Davis and to be ready to support the movement if necessary. At 3.40 sent word to Wood that Davis was just about to make reconnaissance and drive the enemy from hill in his front, and that he must press back the enemy's skirmishers from his front. 4 p.m., Stanley's artillery opened upon the rebel pickets in their rifle-pits, and the skirmishers went forward. The rebels were driven from the hill, which Davis took possession of, and their rifle-pits, which Stanley's skirmishers took possession of. At 4.15 Major Howard, who had taken orders to General Newton to take the signal station on Rocky Face Ridge, returned and reported that the position held by the enemy was such that Harker did not wish to attack him without further orders, and that General Newton wished directions in this matter. General Howard sent back word for General Newton to examine the ground in person, and not to attack this evening if he deemed it inexpedient. The attack was not made. Rebel soldier captured by Stanely's skirmishers says glad he was captured. Was in intelligent man, and gave a story that is partly corroborated by what is known. Further, he says, considerable artillery in the valley east of Rocky Face Ridge, northeast of Dalton; nearly the whole of Johnston's army there; Stewart's division on Rocky Face Ridge. The rebels are going to fight, and in good spirits. Hood's and Hardee's corps in the valley. Loring's division has come from Rome; seven divisions besides Polk's; estimates divisions at about 6,000. They have dammed up Mill Creek so that we will have to swim it. They have been fortifying for several days on Rocky Face Ridge, &c., 6.05 p.m., General Newton directed to go into camp in the position he was occupying, and to