War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0839 APPENDIX.

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Journal of the Atlanta Campaign,kept at headquarters of the Fourth Army Corps, by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph S. Fullerton, Assistant Adjutant General.*

May 3.- Major-General Schofield, with three divisions of the Twenty-third Army Corps, arrived at Cleveland, Tenn., from Charleston at 10.30 a.m.; the head of his column arrived at 10 a.m. He passed through Cleveland, and camped for the night in the vicinity of Blue Springs. Being ordered to start from Cleveland upon the arrival of General Schofield, the Third Division, Fourth Corps, left Widow Tucker's at 12 m., the Second Division left Cleveland, and the First left Blue Springs at the same hour. General Cruft's brigade (First Brigade, First Division), being posted at Ooltewah, marched at 12 m. to join the Third Division and to march with it to Catoosa Springs, where it would join General Stanley's command. It camped this evening with General Wood. The Third Division marched to the intersection of the old Alabama road with the road that runs from Red Clay to Ooltewah, and there camped for the night. Made headquarters of the corps with this division. Along this route the roads in very good condition, country well wooded, and plenty of water. The first Division (Stanley's), with the Second (Newton's) following,marched to Red Clay and encamped for the night. Colonel McCook, with one brigade of cavalry, marched with this column. The day was bright and warm; nothing of importance occurred during the march.

May 4.- Broke up camp and marched at 5 a.m. Headquarters moved with General Wood's column on the road to Catoosa Springs via Salem Church. Arrived at this point at 9.30 a.m. The surrounding country was reconnoitered, and General Wood's division was placed in column on the right of the road on which he marched, his pickets extending so as to connect with those of our forces at Ringgold. Major-General Stanley's division and General Newton's broke camp at 5 a.m. moving from Red Clay down the road to Catoosa River via Ellidge's Mill, Colonel McCook's brigade of cavalry moving on a road to the right of the column, and arriving there at 10.30 a.m. Major-General Stanely's division was encamped on the left of the Salem Church and Catoosa Springs road, his right joining with General Wood's left, and one brigade of General Newton's division joining on General Stanley's left; the remaining two brigades of General Newton in reserve on our left. General McCook's brigade of cavalry encamped on the left and in advance of


*Original received and filed in the War Department August 31, 1891, too late for insertion in its proper order. This journal, together with a journal of the Franklin and Nashville Campaign (to appear in Vol. XLV), was sealed up immediately after the battle of Nashville and was not opened until it was received at the War Department. The officer who compiled it had not, therefore, an opportunity to revise or read it over. It is published just as written during the daily progress of the campaign.