War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0828 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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a part of the day. 19th, marched about two miles and encamped. 20th, moved out, took up position,and built works. 21st, moved a short distant, took up position, and built works again; was engaged a short time; Private H. B. Tooley wounded severely in leg. 22d, moved forward; took up position in front of Atlanta; engaged heavily all day; Sergt. William McIntyre wounded slightly in leg, Corpl. T. A. Fitszimmons severely in the face. 23d, engaged part of the day in same position; were relieved by Eleventh Indiana Battery and moved one mile to the rear and went into camp. 24th, moved out on the line in front at daylight and threw up works again. 25th, engaged in same position all day. 26th, engaged in same position. 27th, was engaged again lightly. 28th, engaged at intervals all day. 29th, engaged lightly. 30th, was engaged a part of the day. 31st moved off to the left and front of a large rebel fort; took up position and threw up works during the night.

August 1, battery engaged all day with rebel fort. 2d, was engaged very heavily all day by 20-pounder guns in the front; they dismounting one of my guns. 3d,fired five rounds at intervals during the day; was relieved in the evening, and moved a short distance to the rear and camped. 4th, moved at 6 o'clock in the morning and took up position on the right flank. 5th, remained in same position, but not engaged. 6th, moved a short distance to the left; took up position on front line; was engaged all day at intervals. 7th, engaged all day in same position.8th, fired a few shots occasionally all day. 9th,engaged in same position. 10th, engaged again. 11th, engaged in same position at intervals. 12th, was engaged. 13th, was engaged lightly. 14th, engaged lightly. 15th, engaged heavily all day. 16th, fired a few rounds occasionally. 17th, was not engaged. 18th, fired a few rounds. 19th,fired a few rounds. 20th, fired a few rounds. 21st, fired occasionally during the day. 22d, fired a few rounds. 23d, engaged all day at intervals. 24th,engaged at intervals. 25th, fired a few rounds. 26th, fired a few rounds occasionally all day,and in the afternoon received marching orders; moved out after dark, going to the right about four miles, and camped.27th moved out one mile farther and encamped. 28th, moved out at sunrise about eight miles, and camped in the evening on the Montgomery and Atlanta Railroad and threw up works.29th, remained in camp all day in the same place. 30th, marched again at 6 o'clock nearly due east, going about eight miles, and went into camp. 31st moved out about four miles toward the front during the day,and returned to same cap in the evening.

September 1,moved out on the Jonesborough road, and about 11 o'clock took up position about three miles from Jonesborough; remained there a short time, when I took two sections out on the skirmish line and went into position and opened. After firing a few rounds I advanced my whole battery nearly a mile farther to the front and took up position in the edge of the timber, overlooking a broad space of open ground, from which position we were enabled to enfilade the rebel intrenchments and batteries. We silenced the rebel guns and drove the gunners to the cover of their works; was engaged until dark, when the rebel works were carried; Corpl. Anton Kreuger (detailed) wounded slightly in the back,and Private Louis Boffinger (detailed) severely in hand. After dark we took up a new position to the left and front, and threw up temporary works during the night. September 2,moved out toward Jonesborough, the rebels having evacuated during the night previous, and went