War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0815 Chapter L. REPORTS,ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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were not fired after we reached the rebel works, as before stated. Soon after the line of troops came up on our right and rear we received orders from Major Thomas Morgan, commanding Seventy-fourth Indiana Volunteers, to move to the left and close up on our regiment, which we did, leaving the works and guns in the hands of these troops. No troops had arrived at any portion of the works on our immediate right when we captured the guns and works. When the line of troops before mentioned arrived on our right and in our rear they halted with us behind the rebel works, and the commanding officer of the Sixtieth Illinois sent out vedettes in our front to give notice if the enemy should advance a new line for the purpose of retaking the works. Mean time we were changing the works so we could hold them and make them serve as a protection to our troops, until we were, as before stated, ordered to move to the left.


Captain, Commanding Company F, Seventy-fourth Indiana Vols.

[Inclosure No. 3.]

Statement of Second Lieutenant Jerry Kuder.


I belong to Company A, and was on the right of the regiment, which was on the right second line, when the brigade line of battle was formed, I in the advance. Three right companies of our regiment upon entering the woods in front of the enemy's works overlapping the front line, oblique to the right, and upon charging over and entering the rebel works were upon the right of the Tenth Kentucky, of our brigade, which was on the front line in the formation of the line of battle. In so advancing we ran over and upon a rebel battery of four guns,a portion of which fired grape and canister upon us. The cannoneers were mostly captured, few perhaps getting away, and were sent to the rear. I captured the flag of the battery, or which was so stated to be, from one of the battery men. The battery was called by the prisoners "The consolidated batteries of the Eighth and Nineteenth Arkansas." The flag I delivered over to Colonel Este, commanding brigade. There was no gun of this battery fired after I reached them, as stated. I few minutes after we had taken the works, troops to the right and rear came up and considerably overlapped us on their left. They seemed to be in considerable irregularity, and there were men among them whole claimed to belong to the Tenth and Fourteenth Michigan, and, I think, some to the Sixtieth Illinois. Soon after they came, we were moved to the left and joined the rest of the regiment, and the guns were left in the possession of these troops.


Second Lieutenant, Company A.

[Inclosure No. 4.]

Statement of Second Lieutenant S. L. King.


I belong to and command Company D. The left of my company joined on the immediate right of the Tenth Kentucky and from line.