War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0796 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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place till the 23d, when we moved to the right, crossing the Etowah River, and going into camp five miles this side of the same. On the 26th, the wagon train being placed under the guard of our brigade, we moved forward with it to a place on the road near Burnt Hickory. This regiment on the 27th guarded the train to the front on Pumpkin Vine Creek, and, returning two miles, camped over night, and the following day, with the balance of the brigade, guarded another train to the front. On the 29th we moved back to Burnt Hickory, and remained till June 1, when we moved near the front of the enemy's position at Dallas. We moved to the front the following day and relieved troops of the First Division of this corps. Here we had considerable skirmishing with the enemy. On the 6th, the enemy having evacuated his position during the night, we moved forward a few miles, went in camp, and remained till the 10th, when we marched in the direction of Kenesaw Mountain. We moved to the left on the 11th, and remained in camp till the 14th. We moved forward in line of battle on this day, a detail from the regiment being upon the skirmish line. We lost 1 man killed and 1 wounded. Moving forward about one-half mile on the 15th, we formed in the second line of the brigade and intrenched. After remaining in this position till the 17th we moved forward about three-fourths of a mile, and took position in the first line. Moving forward again on the 18th, we wheeled to the left, formed in the second line, and made works. Being exposed to the enemy's fire of artillery and musketry during this day, we had 2 men severely wounded. It being discovered on the morning of the 19th that the enemy had abandoned his works in our front, we moved forward till we came up to his position on Kenesaw Mountain; formed in the first line and intrenched. There was skirmishing and heavy cannonading at this place. On the night of the 22d, the brigade moving a short distance to the right, three companies of this regiment were placed in an advanced and exposed position. The balance of the regiment formed in the second line. Heavy skirmishing and cannonading continued day and night. On the 26th Colonel Gleason was assigned to the command of the brigade, and I assumed command of this regiment. We moved to the right three miles this day, and on the following day with this division supported the Second Division in an unsuccessful charge upon the enemy's works. On the evening of the 30th we moved to the right and occupied a part of the works of the Twentieth Corps, which had just moved still farther to the right.

The enemy evacuating his works at Kenesaw Mountain on the night of July 2, we moved forward on the 3d, passing to the right of Marietta, and halting some four miles south of that place. On the 4th we returned with the brigade to Marietta, where we remained till the 13th, my command performing provost duty. We then marched to the Chattahoochee River and went into camp near the railroad bridge. Crossing the river on pontoon bridges on the 17th, and moving forward on the 18th and 19th, we crossed Peach Tree Creek on the evening of the latter date, formed in the first line, and fortified. On the morning of the 20th we moved forward a short distance, and, being much exposed to the fire of the enemy's skirmishers, Lieutenant Leiter and 3 men of this regiment received severe wounds. About noon we moved to the right to a less exposed position, our brigade being relieved from the front, where we remained until the evening of the following day, when we moved to the front under the fire of the enemy's skirmishers, and formed in the