War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0766 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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on about one mile north of Jonesborough. On coming up I found Moore's brigade, of Carlin's division, and Este's, of ours, about ready to assault the enemy's works; received orders to support their lines; formed my brigade at a double-quick. The assault having commenced, I received an order from General Baird, through Major Connolly, to move farther to the right and support Este if necessary; moved rapidly up within about 150 yards of Este's line and ordered my men to cheer the gallant fellows who were then driving the enemy from his works. This they did with a will, knowing that their old comrades, with whom they had stood side by side at Perryville, Stone's River, Hoover's Gap, Chickamauga, and Mission Ridge, and all through the great campaign, were in the deadly breach. But it was soon over. The work was done and the Third Brigade immortalized, and but 12 of my brave men had won the renown of being struck in this most brilliant affair. The enemy's works being carried, I relieved Colonel Este's brigade with my front line, and assisted in carrying off his killed and wounded-- alas! too many of whom we found upon that bloody field. Groping my way in the darkness to those bloody trenches, stumbling at almost every step over the dead and dying as I placed fresh lines of men in them, in the midst of other thoughts I shuddered that such was the work of my countrymen. At midnight, and for an hour later, the air was rent by the explosion of ammunition at Atlanta. At 10 a. m. of the 2nd I was ordered to advance toward the town. The enemy had retreated, leaving us to buy their dead and care for their badly wounded. Formed a new line, facing diagonally to the rear; at night took up a new position north of east and about one mile from the town of Jonesborough. On the morning of the 3rd discovered five of the enemy's field hospitals in which were yet remaining over 300 badly wounded men, several surgeons and hospital attendants, and one chaplain. On the 3d, 4th, and 5th remained in camp sending out small foraging parties, who took in all about 25 prisoners. At 12 m. on the 6th marched to a position about one-half mile from the battle-ground. On the 7th, acting as the rear guard, marched to a position one and a half miles from Rough and Ready and encamped for the night. At 4 a. m. on the morning of the 8th took charge of the trains and marched to our present position. The health and spirits of the brigade are good. We claim only to have borne an honorable part in the great campaign. I herewith forward a complete list of casualties,* together with reports of regimental commanders, some of which, I regret to say, are not prepared with as much care as they deserve, but as I wish to apologize for the same deficiency in my own, I ask a like favor to be shown them. Our hearts are all too full of the happy results of our labors, perils, and privations to admit the work of detail or finish. My thanks are due in some measure to every officer under me. I might report the same in this of those who are personally mentioned in my former report. They have added to their deserts by their good conduct throughout the campaign, but words avail but little and I have nothing but good words to bestow, yet I will ever be their witness before the world that they have done their duty.


Colonel, Commanding Brigade.


Asst. Adjt. General, Third Division, 14th Army Corps.


*Not found.