War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0760 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Dallas road and returned to camp. 25th, remained in camp. 26th, moved to Raccoon Ford, four miles from Burnt Hickory; ordered to return to Kingston to escort a supply train. Returned to Gillem's Bridge and encamped; threw out strong picket guards. Early the following morning sent three regiments to bring up trains from Kingston to the bridge; marched with the whole command to Raccoon Ford, on the Dallas road. 28th, moved through Burnt Hickory and encamped on Pumpkin Vine Creek, four miles southeast of Burnt Hickory. 29th, changed camp to a position one mile east of Burnt Hickory, on Pumpkin Vine Creek. 30th and 31st, remained in camp, the weather being every wet and the roads very heavy.

June 1, remained in camp, guarding train. 2d, marched two miles and encamped on Starns' Creek, three miles east of Burnt Hickory. 3rd and 4th, remained in camp. 5th, marched through Burnt Church to Smith's house, eight miles from Acworth. 6th, remained in camp. 7th, marched through Acworth into camp, one mile south. 8th and 9th, remained in camp. On the 8th the Thirty-first Ohio was sent to Cartersville in charge of a supply train. On the 9th the Nineteenth Illinois Infantry was relieved from duty to be mustered out of service, the term of its enlistment having about expired. On the 10th the brigade was relieved from charge of trains and joined the division, taking a position in the line of battle near Big Shanty. On the 11th moved forward to a position one mile west of Pine Hill; at dark changed position about one mile to the left. The Eleventh Ohio relieved from garrison duty and ordered to Cincinnati, Ohio, to be mustered out of service, their term of enlistment having expired. 12th, 13th, and 14th, remained in position. On the 13th the Twenty-fourth Illinois rejoined the brigade, having been relieved from garrison duty at Kingston. On the 15th advanced to the front one mile in line of battle. The Thirty-first Ohio, having been relieved from duty with the supply train, rejoined the brigade. On the 16th moved forward half a mile to a new position, in line of battle. On the 17th moved forward in front of enemy's fortifications, occupied by French's division, of Loring's corps. On the 18th made gradual approaches to the enemy's works. 19th, enemy evacuated his works; brigade moved forward to a position in line of battle one mile west of Kenesaw Mountain. On the 20th remained in position. On the 21st moved to the right three-quarters of a mile, in line of battle. 22d, 23d, and 24th, remained in position. 25th, moved two and a half miles southeast and bivouacked in an open field. 26th, moved into position in line of battle three and a half miles south of Kenesaw Mountain. 27th, 28th, and 29th, remained in position. On the 30th took up a position in the line one-quarter of a mile to the right and front. On the 28th the Twenty-fourth Illinois Infantry was relieved from duty and ordered to Springfield, Ill., to be mustered out of service by reason of expiration of term of service. From the 17th to the 30th, inclusive, though not engaged in action, the brigade was constantly exposed by night and day to the enemy's fire, and we had much hot work on the skirmish line. Our lines were constantly in close proximity to the enemy.

July 1 and 2, remained in position. On the night of the 2nd the enemy evacuated Marietta. On the 3rd marched through the suburbs of Marietta, on the Atlanta road, and took up a position four miles south of the town and west of the railroad. On the 4th moved about one-fourth of a mile, and took up a position in reserve. On the 5th moved to a position on the railroad ten miles from Atlanta. 6th,