War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0590 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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the creek, occupy and build works on a hill on the left of the brigade, a position not previously occupied by troops. Shortly after the specified works were commenced the enemy attacked the position, but were repulsed, with a loss to the battalion of 2 killed and 6 wounded. Was relieved from duty at this point on 2nd of June, 1864. On the ensuing day relieved the First Battalion, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, on first line of the brigade. On the morning of the 5th of June the rebels were found to have again vacated their works in our front. Marched on 6th about seven miles toward Big Shanty. Camped in thick woods. The battalion was employed until the 18th of June in digging rifle-pits, supporting batteries, performing the usual guard and picket duties, and in moving nearer to the line of railroad between Acworth and Marietta. The enemy having left their position in front of Kenesaw, the battalion, on the 19th, took position near Kenesaw Mountain. On 22nd relieved a portion of Whitaker's brigade, Fourth Corps. Lay in breast-works at this point until the 27th, during which time the battalion lost 4 killed and 3 wounded. Moved to the left on 2nd of July, near Brush Mountain, and again on the morning of the 3d, in pursuit of the enemy, who, evacuating his works on the mountain, was hurrying toward the Chattahoochee. Marched through Marietta, and four miles south of it camped near the line of railroad. After sunset, built works on a height overlooking the enemy's position. On the forenoon of the 4th of July one-half of the battalion was directed to support Prescott's battery, the other half was placed on the picket-line, the whole being under a heavy fire until sunset. On the 5th marched at 6 a. m. in pursuit of the enemy on road running parallel with line of railroad; encamped about one and a half miles from the Chattahoochee River. On 8th of July moved to the right into position on the left of Davis' division. On the 16th the battalion was on picket duty on the river. On 17th, at 5 p. m., marched one and a half miles to the left as rear guard of division train to Pace's Ferry. Crossed Chattahoochee next day, and joined the brigade. On 20th crossed Peach Tree Creek, and about 4 p. m. threw up breast-works under a heavy fire from the rebel artillery, and about sunset was marched four miles to the left to fill a gap between Fourth and Twentieth Corps; was employed on picket duty at this point until the morning of the 22nd of July, when the battalion was directed to join the division. The Fourteenth Corps having been detailed to pursue the enemy, marched to within two miles of Atlanta, and found the enemy in strength. Crossed to the right of the railroad; built strong works with abatis. Defended these works until the 3rd of August, when the battalion was marched about five miles, to the right of the Twenty-third Army Corps, and on the extreme right of the army. On 4th of August went skirmishing to the front and crossed Utoy Creek, and, on the morning of the succeeding day, built works near the Sandtown road. Marched after sunset to the left about two miles, and on the morning of the 6th relieved a portion of the Twenty-third Army Corps on our line of works. On 7th of August the battalion supported the first line of the brigade in a charge made upon the rebel rifle-pits, and at 7 p. m. relieved the Fifteenth U. S. Infantry in their position on front line. On 18th moved about five miles to the right to replace a portion of Twenty-third Corps, withdrawn to support or assist Kilpatrick's cavalry command in reaching and cutting the Montgomery railroad. Returned five miles to the left after sunset on the same day. On