War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0570 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Manus; Company C, by Captain Norton; Company D, by Lieutenant Derickson with Lieutenant Burness; Company E, by Lieutenant Harrison, and Company F, by Lieutenant Forbes, numbering in all 10 officers and 307 enlisted men-left Graysville, Ga., on the 3rd of May, under the command of Major John R. Edie, as a part of the Second Brigade, First Division, Fourteenth Army Corps, and marched to Ringgold and went into camp. Remained at Ringgold until the 7th of May, when the battalion marched to Tunnel Hill and went into bivouac for the night two miles east of the tunnel. On the next day (8th), Major Edie assuming command of the detachment of the First and Second Battalions, the command of this battalion devolved upon me. This day the battalion marched in the direction of Buzzard Roost Mountain for a distance of one mile and a half, when the brigade, forming line of battle, this battalion in the front line and on the left of First Battalion, advanced and took up a position opposite and within one mile of Buzzard Roost Gap. Bivouacked at this point for the night, and on the afternoon of the next day advanced to the foot of the mountain, the battalion going into position on the right of the gap and under a continuous fire of shell from the enemy's cannon, the fire lasting until darkness set in. Remained in this position (losing 1 man wounded by sharpshooters) until daylight of the 11th instant, when the battalion was ordered into the woods, under cover from sharpshooters, one-half mile in rear, where it rested until daylight of the next day (12th), when the brigade moved to the right and through Snake [Creek] Gap, we going into bivouac for the night in Sugar Valley. By order of division commander left the knapsacks (packed) at this place, and next day (13th) advanced six miles, the brigade moving a portion of the time in line of battle, this battalion being in the second line and on the right of the First Battalion. Bivouacked for the night four miles east of Resaca. On the morning of the following day (14th instant) the brigade advanced in line of battle, this battalion in the front line, on the right of the First Battalion, when the brigade skirmish line meeting that of the enemy's, and the first line becoming engaged, was relieved by the second line in the afternoon, this battalion throwing up works that night. Remained in advance all next day (15th), losing 1 man wounded on skirmish line, when the enemy evacuated that night. We marched into Resaca the next day (16th) and bivouacked for the night. On the 17th, 18th, and 19th were on the march, passing through Calhoun, Adairsville, and Kingston, at which latter place we threw up works. On the 20th marched southeast of Kingston two miles, built works, and went into bivouac, remaining until the 23rd instant, on which day we marched to the north bank of the Etowah River.

While at Kingston, in compliance with an order from division commander, turned in all our transportation, which consisted then of only one wagon, and sent to the rear all tents and officers' baggage. On the 24th crossed the river by fording, marched eight miles, went into bivouac, and remained until the 26th, on which day marched to Pumpkin Vine Creek. On the 27th moved to the left of the Fourth Army Corps and went into position at New Hope Church, where the battalion threw up works under a heavy fire of the enemy's cannon, losing 3 men wounded. Remained in this position at New Hope Church until the 5th day of June, when the enemy evacuated, losing 1 officer, Lieutenant Forbes, killed on skirmish line 31st of May;