War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0552 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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July 29, Company H was sent out to support the skirmish [line] in making a demonstration upon the works of the enemy. July 30, Company C was sent out support the skirmish line in a demonstration on the enemy. 31st, nothing of importance occurred worth reporting.

August 1, the regiment was ordered out to support Prescott's battery in position on the skirmish line. Constructed works in the evening on a new line, at the point where the picket reserves were last held; loss, 1 wounded. August 2, were relieved by Sixty-ninth Ohio, and placed in reserve; loss, 2 wounded. August 3, moved to the right about four miles and bivouacked in a line of works partially constructed, and just beyond General Schofield's headquarters. August 4, moved after night some three miles and bivouacked in an open field. August 5, moved early in morning by the flank toward the left. About 3 p. m. orders were received to pass through the works of the Twenty-third Corps, move quietly around an open field just beyond, deploy as skirmishers, and drive in those of the enemy. We succeeded in passing the field without attracting the attention of the enemy. Eight companies were deployed as skirmishers, with two in reserve, and moved forward. The enemy was driven about three-quarters of a mile through a thick wood of timber and underbrush, where we came upon him in his works, quietly waiting an attack. The line was halted. After some time, orders were received to retire, which was done in good order. Went back and camped in open field, by General Baird's headquarters; loss, 1 wounded. August 6, crossed creek at mill and moved up toward works. Was not in line. In evening moved out and constructed works. August 7, remained in works. Major Barger was severely wounded by a stray shot. August 8, moved in the evening and constructed works in the interval between the left of the Forty-second Indiana and the right of the Fifteenth Corps. August 9, drove the enemy at daylight from his skirmish works on our front; lost 1 killed and 5 wounded. August 10, the regiment was sorely annoyed by the enemy's sharpshooters and a battery of artillery posted on a hill to the right of our front; loss, 1 killed, 2 wounded. August 11, nothing further occurred than some skirmishing.

August 12, the skirmishing continued as usual until in the evening, when an armistice was proposed by one of our men and readily acceded to by the enemy; loss, 1 wounded.

August 13, charged the next line of works held by the skirmishers of the enemy and took them, capturing 28 prisoners; among whom were 2 lieutenants, and 24 stand of small-arms; loss, 2 killed and 5 wounded. Among the killed was Lieutenant Pomeroy, a brave and efficient officer. Lieutenant-Colonel Montgomery was severely wounded; I, being the ranking officer present, now took command. August 14, the enemy continued to annoy us with his sharpshooters and batteries from the hill before referred to. The firing on the picket-line was quite active; loss, 5 wounded. August 15, in the previous night I caused positions to be selected by ten of the best shots in the regiments for the purpose of keeping down the sharpshooters of the enemy, in consequence of which their fire was not so annoying on this day.

August 16, the usual skirmishing occurred, and the enemy made an assault upon the picket-line in the night, but accomplished nothing; loss 2 wounded. August 17, nothing further occurred than the usual amount of skirmish firing. August 18, enemy made a spirited attack upon the picket-line in the night, but were repulsed; loss, 1