War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0542 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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June 16, moved forward and occupied a line of works thrown up by the Third Division until evening, when the whole line was advanced to the skirmish line and fortified. June 17, two companies wee sent out to re-enforce and advance the skirmish line, which they did successfully, driving the enemy to their main line of works in front of Kenesaw Mountain; I lost 1 man in this advance. June 18, the enemy withdrew from our front and formed on the mountain while we moved forward and to the right, establishing our line of works less than a mile from theirs; my regiment lost 1 man, killed by a shell. June 20, relieved by troops from General Baird's division. Passing to the right in rear of Fourth Army Corps I relieved a regiment in General Grose's brigade, of Fourth Corps. June 21, shortly after getting into position the rebels opened on us with shot and shell and continued pretty brisk for some time, killing 1 man and wounding 2. June 22, relieved at midnight and moved to the right about three miles. June 24, ordered to report to Colonel Stoughton, commanding Second Brigade, to strengthen his lines; with him two days, when the rest of our brigade relieved the Second; brisk skirmishing and cannonading nearly the whole time we were in this position; rebel dead lying outside of our works for some days and smell very bad; tried to compromise long enough to have them buried, but they would not allow us. June 30, relieved by right wing of brigade; considerable cannonading; lost 1 man killed. Again we were relieved by Fourth Corps July 1, and moved to the left near the mountain, with our left flank considerably refused.

July 2, rebels evacuated the mountain during the night, the Stars and Stripes floating triumphantly over it. July 3, marched through Marietta along the railroad; toward evening had considerable skirmishing with the enemy, driving them, and lying on our arms all night. I moved forward next morning, July 4, in advance of brigade, driving the rebels, and establishing our lines for the night in the edge of some timber. July 5, daylight found us again confronting them and again driving them till within three miles of the river; Lieutenant Charles Whitaker, with a squad of nine men, captured 17 secesh, bringing them in safe; threw up works within three miles of the Chattahoochee. July 7, had considerable skirmishing with the enemy; regiment did splendid execution in their ranks; we had 1 officer and 4 men wounded. July 10, rebels leave our front and cross the Chattahoochee. July 17, regiment had some respite until we crossed the river; moving eastward, formed line, and advanced about half a mile; skirmishers found some few of the enemy. July 18, heavy skirmishing; toward evening advanced skirmish line to Nancy's Creek; after dark we moved to the right along our line of works, and camped in close column near the crossing. July 20, crossed Nancy's Creek; halted a few minutes, and advanced some distance; deployed forward one company as skirmishers; the enemy's skirmishers being engaged with Second Division skirmishers my line got across and rear fire on the enemy, disconcerting them,and, charging at the same time, they took possession of their works, also of those in front of General Baird's left, and were fired into by Baird's men before they were aware in whose possession the works were. The line of battle was immediately advanced to their support and commenced to throw up works, but were ordered to cease, as another advance was contemplated; but before long heavy musketry was heard some distance to our left, but approaching; works were recommenced with renewed vigor, while