War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0517 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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two brigades of General Carlin's division and General Morgan's entire division moved from their respective positions near Couch's and Renfroe's to the support of General Baird, whose division lay in a northeasterly direction upon the Rough and Ready and Jonesborough road and upon the railroad. Forming a junction at this point, the corps moved south upon the Jonesborough road, General Carlin in advance, followed by General Morgan and General Baird.

Marching two or two and a half miles south upon this road the pickets of the Seventeenth Corps were found. One brigade of General Carlin's division was immediately pushed eastward on a reconnaissance. They advanced a mile, driving in the enemy's skirmishers and gaining possession of a ridge in their front with but small loss. The other brigade of this division was pushed forward and formed upon their right. General Morgan's division moved south upon the Jonesborough road, formed his lines to the east of the road and to the east of Flint River (which General Carlin had also crossed), and advancing began to fell for General Carlin's right. Meanwhile Captain prescott's battery gained a commanding position, enfilading the enemy's lines and silencing a battery upon General Morgan's front. Connection was formed between General Morgan and General Carlin, and the lines of battle were formed. The lines of attack consisted of Carlin's two brigades and Morgan's entire division. The enemy was vigorously attacked and driven back several hundred yards to their main works. By this time the regular brigade of Carlin's division had suffered so heavily that I directed it to be relieved by one of General Baird's brigades, and a general assault of the enemy's position was ordered. The works were carried along the entire line after very heavy fighting and a loss in killed, wounded, and missing of about 1,000 men. This is only an estimate, as it is impossible to get accurate returns at this time.

Tow fields batteries (consisting of 10 guns) were captured in the enemy's works. Probably about 1,000 prisoners were captured, with Brigadier-General Govan and a number of officers. Several (10 reported) battle-flags were taken.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brevet Major-General, Commanding.

Brigadier General W. D. WHIPPLE,

Chief of Staff, Department of the Cumberland.

Report of casualties of the Fourteenth Army Corps for September 1, 1864.

Killed. Wounded.

Command. Officers. Men. Officers. Men.

First Division:

Second Brigade. ... 24 5 99

Third Brigade. 4 28 7 153

Total. 4 52 12 252

Second Division:

First Brigade. 2 40 13 154

Second Brigade. 3 26 7 116

Third Brigade. 2 15 10 98

Total. 7 81 30 368

Missing. Total.

Command. Officers Men. Officers Men. Aggrega


First Division:

Second Brigade. ... 46 5 169 174

Third Brigade. 1 4 12 185 197

Total. 1 50 17 354 371

Second Division:

First Brigade. ... 54 15 248 263

Second Brigade. ... ... 10 142 152

Third Brigade. ... ... 12 113 125

Total. ... 54 37 506 540