War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0506 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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to receive it, and the enemy driven back under cover of his works, evacuating them and Rome during the night with all except a slight skirmish line, which was driven in on the 18th, and Rome taken possession of by the Second Division and held until the 24th.

May 24.-The division moved via Van Wert to rejoin the corps.

May 25.-Arrived near Dallas; the First and Third Divisions in the mean time had advanced with the army, and participated in the movements, following the enemy's retreat from Resaca to Lost Mountain.

May 26.-The First Division moved to burnt Hickory; Second Division moved to Dallas, and Third Division moved to Raccoon Ford.

During the remainder of the month, from the 27th, the First Division was stationed at Pickett's Mills, and the Second Division at Dallas, skirmishing and fighting.

May 28.-The Third Division moved to the forks of the Dallas and Van Wert roads, and returned on the 29th with wagon trains to Burnt Hickory, and remained there the remainder of the month.

Casualties during the month: First Division-commissioned officers, killed, 9; wounded, 34; missing, 1. Enlisted men, killed, 139; wounded, 741; missing, 18. total in First Division, 942. Second Division-commissioned officers, killed, 3; wounded, 11; missing, 1. Enlisted men, killed, 54; wounded, 226; missing, 29. total in Second Division, 324. Third Division-commissioned officers, killed, 2; wounded, 9. Enlisted men killed, 17; wounded, 133; missing, 28. Total in Third Division, 189.

June 1.-The First Division at Pickett's Mills, where it remained in position until the 6th, skirmishing. The Second Division moved from Dallas to the left, and was in position until the 6th, skirmishing. The First Brigade, Third Division, left at Burnt Hickory. The balance of the division moved forward from that place, and on the 2nd took position and remained until the 6th, skirmishing.

June 6.-The corps moved forward in pursuit of the enemy, and took position in front of Pine Mountain, where it remained, gradually advancing the lines toward the enemy's works until they were evacuated.

June 19.-Advanced to the base of Kenesaw Mountain (the corps taking position on the right of the railroad) and intrenched, remaining in this position, skirmishing and using artillery almost constantly against the enemy's skirmishers and his artillery posted on the summit of the mountain, with no material change until the Second Division moved during the night of the 25th to the right, and reached a point to the right and rear of the Fourth Corps.

Jun 26.-The Third Division moved to support the Second Division in the assault on the enemy's works, ordered and made by the Second Division on the morning of the 27th. The assaulting column did not succeed in carrying the enemy's works. At the point the assault was made, within a few yards of the enemy's works, the Second and third Brigades, of the Second Division, making the assault, intrenched and remained during the rest of the month, skirmishing constantly. No further changes during the month.

Casualties during the month: First Division-commissioned officers, 2 killed and 5 wounded; enlisted men, 46 killed, 180 wounded, and 8 missing; total in First Division, 241. Second Division-commissioned officers, 15 killed, 38 wounded, and 2 missing; enlisted men, 210 killed, 702 wounded, and 35 missing; total in Second Division,