War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0503 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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Light Artillery, who commanded until August 1, 1864. Up to the 1st day of August, 1864, I was acting chief of artillery, Third Division, Fourth Army Corps.

On or about the last of July the artillery of the Fourth Army Corps was organized into an Artillery Brigade, under command of Captain Lyman Bridges, Illinois Volunteer Artillery, thus relieving me from the duties of chief of artillery and returning me to the command of my battery. On the 3rd day of May, 1864, the battery was under command of First Lieutenant O. H. P. Ayres, and consisted of 4 commissioned officers, 153 enlisted men, 6 12-pounder light Napoleon guns, 6 caissons for 12-pounder guns, 128 rounds of ammunition per gun, 1 forge (A), 1 battery wagon (C), 5 baggage wagons, 114 horses, and 32 mules.

Left camp at McDonald's Station, Tenn., at 12 m.; consumed twelve days in marching to or near Resaca, Ga., where we found the enemy in force, and on 15th took up position on main line and expended-shot, 49;shell, 74; spherical case, 65; canister, 10; total, 198 rounds ammunition; Private Simpson slightly wounded by musket-ball; 1 horse killed. Left camp on the 16th and again came upon the enemy at or near Adairsville, Ga. Took position on main line and expended-shot, 9; shell, 66; spherical case, 61; total, 136 rounds. Left camp on 19th; consumed seven days in marching to Pumpkin Vine Creek, where we again came upon the enemy. took position on the 26th on main line, expending-shot, 34;s hell, 35; spherical case, 21; total, 90 rounds; Corporal Fix severely wounded by musket-ball. 27th, expended 37 shot, 81 shell, 54 case, and 2 canister; total, 174; Corporal Mathews severely wounded. 28th, expended 9 shot, 2 shell, and 1 canister; total, 12. 29th, expended 11 shot, 6 shell, and 30 case; total, 47; Private Whitney killed. 30th, relieved by Captain McDowell's (Pennsylvania) battery, and took position near headquarters Fourth Army Corps. Left camp June 6; consumed eight days in marching to or near Acworth, Ga., coming upon the enemy on the 14th. Took position on main line, expending-shot, 18; shell 26; case, 11; total, 55 rounds. 15th and 16th, moved on marietta road. 17th, came upon the enemy near Pine Hill, Ga.; took position with Third Division. Fourth Army Corps; expended-shot, 27; shell, 17; total, 44 rounds. 18th, pursued the enemy, driving him, and expending-shot, 121; shell, 113; case 90; total, 324 rounds; Private Hersh killed; Privates Craig and Everett wounded severely; one spare wheel destroyed by shell. 19th, moved on Marietta road. 20th, took position on main line near Kenesaw Mountain, and remained until July 2, expending rounds of ammunition as follows: June 20, 457. June 22,44. June 23, 155. June 27, 5 shot. July 1, 3 shot, 8 shell, 9 case; total, 20. July 2, 11 shot, 20 shell, 27 case; total, 58.

July 2, left camp and pursued the enemy, coming up with him on the 5th near Chattahoochee River; took position on main line; remained until 10th, expending ammunition as follows: 5th, 12 shell, 14 case; total, 26. 6th, 30 shot, 59 shell, 88 case; total, 177; first Lieutenant O. H. P. Ayres severely wounded. 7th, 43 shot, 39 shell, 43 case; total, 125. 9th, 25 shot, 18 shell, 17 case; total, 60. 10th, 10 shot, 20 shell, 9 case; total, 39. 11th, left camp consumed eight days in marching to Buck Head, where we again engaged on the 19th, expending 8 shot, 10 shell, 16 case; total, 34 rounds. left camp on 20th, and on 22nd took position on main line before Atlanta, where we remained until August 25, expending ammunition as follows:*