War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0441 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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here the battalion remained for several hours, inflicting by their firing considerable damage upon the enemy. The object of the demonstration being accomplished the battalion fell back to the foot of the ridge. The One hundred and twenty-fourth lost in this movement 2 enlisted men killed and 12 wounded; the Ninety-third Ohio, 4 enlisted men wounded. On the 10th, 11th, and 12th the battalion lay under the fire of the enemy without loss. On the night of the 12th, the enemy having evacuated his position, at daylight the command followed them up, passing through Dalton, bivouacking for the night a few miles south of the village. At daylight the next morning the pursuit was continued, and about noon the 14th the enemy were overtaken, strongly posted in front of Resaca. This battalion, forming the left of the front of the brigade, was ordered to relieve a battalion of the Twenty-third Corps, which, finding most miserably posted on the slope of a hill, scattered along behind the trees, and resembling more a skirmish line than a line of battle, I ordered the battalion to charge and take a ridge within 200 yards of their main line of works, which was most handsomely and gallantly done with but slight loss. This position the battalion held and during the night strengthened with fortifications, remaining here until the enemy evacuated his position. On the afternoon of the 15th orders were received to assault the enemy's works in our front, it being understood that a general assault was to be made along the whole line, commencing with the division on our immediate left. At about 1 p. m., in obedience to orders from our brigade commander, the battalion moved to the attack, but this being the only brigade moved forward the enemy concentrated a murderous fire on both flanks as well as our front and easily and badly repulsed us. During the night the enemy abandoned his position and fell back to the south of the Oostenaula River. In the operations before Resaca, the Ninety-third sustained a loss of 4 enlisted men killed and 16 wounded. The One hundred and twenty-fourth, 5 enlisted men killed and 29 wounded. In the pursuit of the enemy through Calhoun to Adairsville, the battalion was constantly skirmishing with the enemy, sustaining, however, but slight loss. At Adairsville we came up to them strongly posted, and the battalion spent the night of the 17th in gaining and fortifying a position preparatory to operations in the morning, but daylight found the position in our front evacuated, and the pursuit continued to Cassville; here a much needed rest of several days was given to the command. On the 23rd active movements against the enemy were resumed, and on the 26th, the command having crossed Burnt Hickory Ridge, came upon the enemy posted near Dallas. During the night of the 26th the battalion was actively engaged in gaining and fortifying a position within a few hundred yards of the enemy's position. At daylight May 27, having just completed the fortifications, the battalion was relieved with the division and massed near Pickett's Mills preparatory to making an assault on the enemy's right flank. The column of assault was formed with two battalions front, this battalion occupying the left of the front line, with skirmishers thrown out from both regiments; thus formed, at about 12 m., the movement commenced.

Advancing to the left of our army about two miles, encountering only the cavalry of the enemy, which were easily driven before us, we came up to their fortified position. Expecting that we were now near their right flank, we were moved back some forty yards, and about 1,000 yards farther to our left, when the lines were rectified