War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0392 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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26, the brigade moved at 4 a. m. to the front, and was put into position on the left of General Newton's division and formed two lines, connected on the right with Harker's brigade, our left refused, and covered to a considerable distance with skirmishers, the front being nearly due east. In this position hasty but sufficient barricades were thrown up. The Thirty-second Indiana being deployed as skirmishers, about 9 a. m. became smartly engaged, and, in obedience to orders, advanced their left, making a wheel to the right of their entire line, routing in a handsome manner the enemy's skirmishers and supports, and pressing them with great vigor back close to their main line of works, the left of the line crossing and overlapping--- Creek, ultimately halting on the crest of a ridge at the edge of an open field and within 300 yards of the enemy's works. The brigade at the same time moved in its first formation in close supporting distance on the line thus established, fronting a little east of south, and under a heavy fire barricades were thrown up, the creek bridged for the passage,of artillery, and possession was taken of the commanding crests secured by this advance. The fire of the thus advanced artillery the front of General Hazen, and his brigade moved into position, connecting with our left at the creek. This movement secured also for two batteries the commanding position in which our first line had been formed. This division having been selected to develop the enemy to the left of the Twenty-third Corps, which was in position to the left and joining General Gazen, this brigade was relived about 9 a. m. from our works, which we had constructed the day and night previous, by General Cruft's brigade, of General Stanley's division, of the Fourth Corps, and moved about one mile to the left, where it was formed in two lines in rear and support of General Hazen, with Knefler's brigade in rear of this, our formation being in two lines, with the Eighty-ninth Illinois on the right, Thirty-second Indiana on the left, and Fifteenth Wisconsin in the center of the first line; the Fifteenth Ohio on the right, the Forty-ninth Ohio on the left, and Thirty-fifth Illinois in the center of the second line. About 1 p. m. the brigade was put in mention, closely following Hazen's brigade. Moving to the left and front successively for a distance of about two and a half miles to a point near Pickett's Mills, we arrived there about 2.30 p. m., finding the enemy in considerable force, protected by barricades hastily but strongly built with logs on the crest of a considerable ridge and supported by artillery planted so as to enfilade the approaches and ravines in his immediate front, over and through which a force attempting to dislodge him would have to pass. About 4 p. m. Hazen's brigade gallantly charged close up to the enemy's works, but being unable to carry them, in obedience to orders, the fire line of this brigade, closely followed by the second line, moved forward in fine style and with its accustomed dash to his support, and we in turn by a portion of Knefler's brigade, but the enemy being unexpectedly found in force, comprising, according to his statement, the veteran troops of both Cleburne's and Bate's divisions, it was impossible to dislodge him. Our troops, however, stubbornly maintained their position close up to his works, in some places we occupying one side of his barricade and he the other, giving a heavy and effective fire and receiving in return a heavy, direct, and enfilading musketry and artillery fire until dark, when our troops, under orders, fell back. This brigade being withdrawn, about 8 p. m. moved about 400 yards to the right, taking and strongly intrenching a position about 250 yards from the enemy's works, connecting on the