War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0112 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Brigadier General HENRY M. JUDAH. a

Brigadier General MILO S. HASCALL.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General NATHANIEL C. McLEAN.

Brigadier General JOSEPH A. COOPER. b

80th Indiana: c

Lieutenant Colonel Alfred D. Owen. d

Major John W. Tucker.

91st Indiana: e

Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Butterfield.

Colonel John Mehringer.

13th Kentucky, c Colonel William E. Hobson.

25th Michigan:

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Orcutt. f

Captain Samuel L. Demarest.

Captain Edwin Childs. g

45th Ohio: h

Colonel Benjamin P. Runkle. i

Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Butterfield.

3rd Tennessee:

Colonel William Cross.

Major R. H. Dunn.

Colonel William Cross.

Major R. H. Dunn.

6th Tennessee:

Colonel Joseph A. Cooper.

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Maynard. j

Captain Marcus D. Bearden. k

Captain William Ausmus.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General MILO S. HASCALL. l

Colonel JOHN R. BOND. m


Colonel JOHN R. BOND. n

107th Illinois:

Major Uriah M. Laurance.

Lieutenant Colonel Francis H. Lowry. o

80th Indiana: p

Lieutenant Colonel Alfred D. owen.

Major John W. Tucker.

Captain Jacob Ragle. q

Major John W. Tucker.

13th Kentucky: p

Colonel William E. Hobson.

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin P. Estes.

23rd Michigan: r

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. Spaulding.

Major William W. Wheeler.

45th Ohio, s Colonel Benjamin P. Runkle.

111th Ohio:

col. John R. Bond.

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac R. Sherwood.

118th Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas L. Young. m

Captain Edgar Sowers.

Captain William Kennedy.

Captain Rudolph Reul.

Captain Edgar Sowers.

Third Brigade. t


14th Kentucky, u Colonel George W. Gallup.

20th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas B. Waller.

27th Kentucky:

Lieutenant Colonel John H. Ward.

Captain Andrew J. Bailey. v

50th Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel George R, Elstner. w

Major Hamilton S. Gillespie.



Indiana Light, 22nd Battery; x

Captain Benjamin F. Denning, y

Lieutenant Edward W. Nicholson.

1st Michigan Light, Battery F:

Captain Byron D. Paddock.

Lieutenant Marshall M. Miller.

Ohio Light, 19th Battery, Captain Joseph C. Shields.

a On leave from May 18. b In command from June 4. c Transferred to Second Brigade June 8. d Sick from May 23. e Assigned June 4; transferred to Third Brigade, Second Division, August 11. f Sick from july 10. g In command from August 18. h Temporarily attached June 8 and transferred to First Division, Fourth Army Corps, June 22. i On leave from June 10. j Sick from June 22. k Wounded July 1. l Transferred to Second Brigade, Third Division, May 16. m. Sick from June 18. n In command from August 15. o In command from May 28. p Transferred from First Brigade June 8. q In command August 1 to 12. r Provost guard at corps headquarters July 11 to August 16. s Joined May 11 and transferred to First Brigade June 8. t Joined army May 28 and designated as Provisional Brigade to June 8. u Transferred to First Brigade, Second Division, August 11. v In command from August 16. w Killed August 8. w Joined June 20. y Mortally wounded July 1.