War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0095 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- MIL. DIV. OF THE MISS.

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Third Brigade- Continued.

74th Ohio:

Colonel Josiah Genven.

Major Joseph Fisher.

Colonel Josiah Given. a

78th Pennsylvania, Colonel William Sirwell.

79th Pennsylvania: b

Colonel Henry A. Hmabright. c

Major Michael H. Locher.

Captain John S. McBride.

Major Michael H. Locher.

1st Wisconsin, Lieutenant Colonel George B. Bingham. a

Artillery. d


1st Illinois Light, Battery C, Captain Mark H. Prescott.

1st Ohio Light, Battery I, Captain Humber Dilger.


Brigadier General JEFFERSON C. DAVIS

Brigadier General JAMES D. MORGAN.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General JAMES D. MORGAN, e


Brigadier General JAMES D. MORGAN.


10th Illinois, f. Colonel John Tillson.

16th Illinois:

Colonel Robert F. Smith

Lieutenant Colonel James B. Cahill.

Colonel Robert F. Smith.

Lieutenant Colonel James B. Cahill.

Colonel Robert F. Smith. h

Lieutenant Colonel James B. Cahill.

60th Illinois, Colonel William B. Anderson.

10th Michigan: i

Colonel Charles M. Lulm.

Major Henry S. Burnett, j.

Captain William H. Dunphy.

14th Michigan, k. Colonel Henry R. Mizner.

17th New York: l

Colonel William T. C. Grower. m

Major Joel O. Martin.

Second Brigade.


34th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Van Tassell.

78th Illinois:

Colonel Carter Van Vleck. n

Lieutenant Colonel Maris R. Vernon.

98th Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel John S. Pearce.

Captain John A. Norris.

Captain David E. Roatch.

Lieutenant Colonel John S. Pearce.

108th Ohio: q

Lieutenant col. Joseph Good

Colonel George T. Limberg.

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Good.

113th Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel Darius B. Warner. p

Major Lyne S. Sullivant. q

Captain Toland Jones.

121st Ohio, Colonel Henry B. Banning.

Third Brigade.

Colonel DANIEL McCook. r

Colonel OSCAR F. HARMON. r


Lieutenant Colonel JAMES W. LANGLEY.

85th Illinois:

Colonel Caleb J. Dilworth.

Major Robert G. Rider.s

Captain James R. Griffith.

86th Illinois:

Lieutenant Colonel Allen L. Fahnestock.

Major Joseph F. Thomas.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen L. Fanestock.

110th Illinois, t Lieutenant Colonel E. Hibbard Topping.

125th Illinois:

Colonel Oscar F. Harmon.

Major John B. Lee.

Lieutenant Colonel James W. Lngley.

Captain George W. Cook.

a Also commanded demi- brigade.

b Joined from veteran furlough May 9.

c Disabled May 9.

d Merged into the artillery brigade of the corps July 24.

e Also commanded division July 28 to August 23, during illness of General Davis.

f Transferred to Fourth Division, Sixteenth Army Corps, August 20.

g Assumed command May 24.

h Sick from August 26.

i Joined from veteran furlough May 15

j Killed September 1.

k Joined June 4.

l Joined August 21.

m Mortally wounded September 1.

n Mortally wounded August 11.

o Employed mainly in guarding trains.

p Wounded June 27.

q Sick from August 3

r Mortally wounded June 27

s Wounded September 1.

t Guarding trains till July 20.