War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0091 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- MIL. DIV. OF THE MISS.

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Artillery. a




Indiana Light. 5th Battery, Captain Alfred Morrison.

Pennsylvania Light, Battery B:

Captain Samuel M. McDowell.

Captain Jacob Ziegler.


Brigadier General JOHN NEWTON.

First Brigade


Brigadier General NATHAN KIMBALL.d


36th Illinois:

Colonel Silas Miller.e

Captain James B. McNeal.

Lieutenant Colonel Porter C. Olson.f

44th Illinois:

Colonel Wallace W. Barrett.

Lieutenant Colonel John Russell

Major Luther M. Sabin.

Lieutenant Colonel John Russell.

73rd Illinois, Major Thomas W. Motherspaw.


Colonel Jason Marsh.g

Lieutenant Colonel James B. Kerr.h

Captain Thomas J. Bryan.

88th Illinois:

Lieutenant Colonel George W. Chandler.c

Lieutenant Colonel George W. Smith.

28th Kentucky, i Lieutenant Colonel J. Rowan Boone.

2nd Missouri: j

Lieutenant Colonel Arnold Beck.

Colonel Bernard Laiboldt.

15th Missouri, Colonel Joseph Conrad.

24th Wisconsin:

Lieutenant Colonel Theodere S. West. k

Major Arthur MacArhur, jr.

second Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE D. WAGNER. l

Colonel JOHN W. BLAKE.

100 th Illinois:

Major Charles M. Hmmond.

Colonel Frederick A. Bartleson. m

Major Charles M. Hammond.

40th Indiana:

Colonel JOHN W. Blake.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Leaming.

Colonel John W. Blake. n

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Leaming.

57th Indiana:

Lieutenant Colonel George W. Lennard. o

Lieutenant Colonel Wilis Blanch.

28th Kentucky:p

Lieutenant Colonel J. Rowan Boone. q

Major George W. Barth.

26th Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel William H. Squires. r

Major Norris T. Patman. q

Captain Lewis D. Adair.

Lieutenant Colonel William H. Squires.

Major Norris T. Peatman. s

97th Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel Milton Barnes.

Colonel John Q. Lane. t

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General CHARLES G. HARKEER. c

Brigadier General LUTHER P. BADLEY.

22nd Illinois, u Lieutenant Colonel Francis Swanwick.

27th Illinois v Lieutenant Colonel William A. Schimtt.

42nd Illinois:

Lieutenant Colonel Edgar D. Swain. w

Captain Jared W. Richards.

Major Frederick A. Atwater. x

51st Illinois:

Colonel Luther P. Bradley.

Captain Theodore F. Brrown.

Colonel Luther P. Brandley.

Captain Albert M. Tilton.

79th illinois:

Colonel Allen Buckner. y

Lieutenant Colonel Henry E. Rives,

Major Terrence Clark. z

Captain Oliver O. Bagley.

Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Clark.

a Marged into the artillery brigade of the corps July 26.

b Killed June 16.

cKilled June 27.

d Assumed command May 22; assigned to command of First Division August 4.

e Mortally wounded June 27.

f Assumed command August 24.

g Sick from June 10.

h Morally wounded and captured June 27.

i Transferred to Second Brigade May 28.

j At Dalton from May 14.

k Wounded May 14

l Sick July 10 to 25; resumed command on latter date

m Killed June 23.

n Sick from August 10

o Killed May 14

p Assigned May 28

q Wounded June 27

r Sick rom June 19 to July 5.

s In command from August 25 t In command from June 11.

u Left army for muster out June 10 veterans and recruits transferred to 42nd Illinois.

v Left army for muster out August 25; veterans and recruits transferred to 9th Illinois.

w Wounded June 3.

x In command from August 8.

y Wounded May 9.

z Assumed command June 8.