War of the Rebellion: Serial 072 Page 0090 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Major General OLIVER O. HOWARD.a

Major General DAVID S. STANLEY.


Major General DAVID S. STANLEY.

Brigadier General WILLIAM GROSE.

Brigadier General NATHAN KIMBALL. b

First Brigade.

Brigadier General CHARLES CRUFT.c


21st Illinois: d

Major James E. Calloway.

Captain William H. Jamison.e

38th Illinois, d Lieutenant Colonel William T. Champman.

31st Indiana, Colonel John T. Smith.

81st Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel William C. Wheeler.

1st Kentucky, f Colonel David A. Enyart,

2nd Kentucky, f Lieutenant Colonel John R. Hurd.

99th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel N. Yeoman.

101st Ohio:

Colonel Isaac M. Kirby,

Lieutenant Colonel Bedan B. McDanald.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General WALTER C. WHITAKER g


59th Illinois, h Colonel P. Sidney Post.

96th Illinois:

Colonel Thomas E. Champion.i

Major George Hicks.

Second Brigade- Continued.

115th Illinois, Colonel Jesse H. Moore,

35th Indiana:

Major John P. Dufficy,j.

Lieutenant Colonel Augustus G. Tassin.

84th Indiana h

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew J. Neff.

Captain John C. Taylor.

21st Kentucky:

Colonel Samuel W. Price,i

Lieutenant Colonel James C. C. Evans.

23rd Kentucky h Lieutenant Colonel George W. Norhtup.

40th Ohio:

Colonel Jacob E. Taylor

Captain Charles G. Matchett k

Captain Milton Kemper.

45th Ohio l Captain John H. Humphrey.

51st Ohio:

Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Wood.

Colonel Richard W. McClain. m

99th Ohio: l

Lieutenant Colonel John E. Cummins.

Captain James A. Bope.

Lieutenant Colonel John E. Cummins.

Third Brigade.



Brigadier General WILLIAM GROSE.


59th Illinois: h

Colonel P. Sidney Post.

Lieutenant Colonel Clayton Hale.

Colonel P. Sidney Post.

75th Illinois:

Colonel John E. Bennett.

Lieutenant Colonel William M. Kilgour.

80th Illinois:

Lieutenant Colonel William M. Kilgour.

Major James M. Stookey. o

84th Illinois, Colonel Louis H. Waters.

9th Indiana, Colonel Isaac C. B. Suman.

30th Indiana:

Lieutenant Colonel Orrin D. Hurd.

Captain William Dawson.

Lieutenant Colonel Orrin D. Hurd.

36th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver H. P. Carey.

84th Indiana: h

Captain John C. Taylor. k

Captain Martin B. Miller.

77th Pennsylvania:

Captain Joseph J. Lawson.

Colonel Thomas E. Rose. o

a Assumed command of the Army of the Tennessee July 27.

b Assumed command August 4.

c Sick from June 10.

d Non- veterans attached to 10th Ohio till June 4 and 9 respectively, then the regiments returned from veteran furlough.

e Assumed command June 21.

f Ordered home for muster out May 29 and June 3, respectively.

g Sick from June 30.

h The 59th Illinois was transferred from the Third Brigade August 16, and to the Third Division August 19, being replaced by the 23rd Kentucky The 84th Indiana took the place of the 59th Illinois in the Third Brigade.

i Wounded June 20.

j Killed June 20.

k Wounded September 2.

l The 45th Ohio from Twenty- third Corps interchanged with 99th Ohio June 22.

m Assumed command June 1.

n Assumed command September 4.

o Assumed command June 7.