War of the Rebellion: Serial 070 Page 0384 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XLIX.

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within my reach, and I therefore direct that you go to Martinsburg, to be stationed there, at least temporarily, so that you may be able to receive and execute my orders, which I cannot always send by telegraph. You may have your office at Cumberland, or make a branch office there, or vice versa, just as I have my department office a Martinsburg while I am here. If you wish to order another quartermaster to the post at Martinsburg, you may do so and relieve Captain Patton, but I must have a quartermaster with me in the field to transmit my orders and dispatches to you.

I wish that you do not stay a moment longer at Cumberland than you are obliged to on account of your health. I also wish that you send to me a report in regard to the purchase of horses, to whom you assign them, how many you expect to get, &c., and about all such matters as are proper for me to know. I would like to have a correct statement of all the transportation now with General Crook, and in other parts of the department, and what arrangements you are making in regard to that we may want. It is my desire that no horses shall remain in any part of this department with officers and clerks which are not absolutely needed, and for this purpose I wish to have a report of all the animals, and where they are. There will be a strong garrison at Martinsburg within a few days, so that things will be more safe then. Telegraph to me by Martinsburg when you will be there.

Respectfully, yours,




May 5, 1864.

Major-General STAHEL,

Commanding First Cavalry and Infantry Division:

GENERAL: In sending out the cavalry to-day to Harper's Ferry, Martinsburg, and Bunker Hill, the following plan will be followed: The 300 men for Harper's Ferry and the 300 for Bunker Hill will march together to Berryville and Charlestown; arrived at Charlestown they will divide, and 300 men will march to Harper's Ferry and 300 to Bunker Hill. The 200 men who are to go to Martinsburg will take the following course: They will march to Bunker Hill; on arriving there they will divide, and 100 men take the road leading through Mill Gap, passing by Dutch Hill to the turnpike, running from Martinsburg to Bloomery Gap; after crossing the pike, they will march to Martinsburg;. Should the 600 men on their way to Berryville and Charleston, or after their arrival at Charlestown, meet some of Mosby's forces or find out their whereabouts, they will follow them as far as they can, and after their return take their respective positions at Bunker Hill and Harper's Ferry. All the men sent out toward Charlestown should have two days' forage and provisions with them, and before they leave the commander will report in person to these headquarters for instructions.

By order of Major General F. Sigel:


Assistant Adjutant-General.