War of the Rebellion: Serial 069 Page 0899 Chapter XLVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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[Second indorsement.]

JUNE 13, 1864.


It seems but just that troops serving so near together and on like duty should receive similar allowances. The local troops are not sufficiently numerous to make any serious difference, and I therefore recommend like rations to them.



[Third indorsement.]


June 16, 1864.

Respectfully returned to the honorable Secretary of War.

When the troops of the Army of Northern Virginia had been fighting every day for twenty days, during a part of which time they had received only one-quarter pound of meat when other troops were getting one-third, on the recommendation of the chief commissary the meat ration was increased to one-half pound. On the 1st of June, the twenty-sixth day of the fighting, application was made for whisky to be issued to them, on the ground that they were broken down and needed the stimulant. It being impossible to issue the whisky, coffee and sugar were given in lieu of it as an extra issue. On the 11th June, when the army had enjoyed a little rest and had to some extent recovered from the effect of continuous marching and fighting, the meat ration was reduced to one-third pound. The extra issue of coffee and sugar was and is continued on the ground that it is absolutely necessary, not on account of what the men are doing, but what they have gone through. As recommended by the Secretary of War an order has been given for the extra issue of coffee and sugar to be made to the local troops now serving in the field. How long it will be possible to continue to issue the present ration will depend on the success in running the blockade, and the amount of money gotten from the Treasury. The funds now received are hardly more than enough to pay hospital expenses, and entirely inadequate to purchase a sufficiency of food for the army.


Commissary-General of Subsistence.

[Fourth indorsement.]

JUNE 18, 1864.

Referred to General Bragg.

The course of the Commissary-General, as above stated, is approved under the circumstances.



[Fifth indorsement.]


Richmond, June 20, 1864.

Respectfully referred again to the honorable Secretary of War.

The case as stated by the Commissary-General does not meet the complaint. General Ransom, after stating the discrimination made