War of the Rebellion: Serial 069 Page 0809 Chapter XLVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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to-night; the whole will leave at 11 a. m. to-morrow, some 250 or 300 strong. I have not been informed of any other troops. I will inquire south.



Report of inspection of the battalions of heavy artillery of the Richmond Defenses, May 20, 21, 23, 24, and 25, 1864.

First Division, Lieutenant Colonel J. W. Atkinson commanding, composed of Tenth Virginia Battalion, Major J. O. Hensley commanding; Nineteenth Virginia Battalion, Major N. R. Cary commanding.

Second Division, Lieutenant Colonel James Howard commanding; composed of Eighteenth Virginia Battalion, Major M. B. Hardin commanding; Twentieth Virginia Battalion, Major J. E. Robertson commanding.

Disposed on the intermediate line as follows:

Osborne road: One lieutenant and 11 men-two 24-pounder siege guns with only 20 rounds of ammunition apiece.

Fort Davis (a work on the extreme left of the line, connecting Chaffin's Bluff with the intermediate line): One company-one 6-pounder, 60 rounds; one 12-pounder howitzer, 55 rounds.

New Market road: Detachment Company C, Tenth Virginia Battalion-two 6-pounder, 45 rounds each; two buckets and one trail handspike needed.

Darbytown road: One company Tenth Virginia Battalion-two 32-pounders, 20 rounds each; three 6-pounders, 64 runds each; one 8-inch howitzer.

Williamsburg road: Company D, Nineteenth Virginia Battalion; Companies B and C, Tenth Virginia Battalion-two 24-pounder Coehorn mortars, five 12-pounder filed guns, one 18-pounder rifle, one 6-pounder, one 8-inch shell gun; 50 rounds for each, except 18-pounder rifle, which has only 39.

New Bridge road: Companies A and C, Nineteenth Virginia Battalion-three 6-pounders, 150 rounds each; two 24-pounder siege guns, 52 rounds each.

Mechanicsville road: Companies D and E, Tenth Virginia Battalion-one 32-pounder siege gun, 62 rounds; two 24-pounder howitzers, 45 rounds each; one 6-pounder, 150 rounds.

Meadow Bridge road: Company E, Nineteenth Virginia Battalion-one James 12-pounder rifle, 124 rounds; one 10-pounder Parrott, 98 rounds; one 8-inch howitzer, 40 rounds; one 24-pounder howitzer, 88 rounds; one 32-pounder siege gun, 52 rounds; one 24-pounder side gun, 50 rounds.

Mitchell tract road: Detachment Dabney's company, Twentieth Virginia Battalion-one 24-pounder howitzer, 42 rounds. Main body of Eighteenth Virginia Battalion as infantry.

Brook road: Main body Twentieth Virginia Battalion-one 24-pounder howitzer, 70 rounds; two 32-pounder siege guns, 60 rounds each; one 8-inch howitzer, 40 rounds.

Mill road: One officer and 22 men of twentieth Battalion-two 6-pounders, 50 rounds each.

Deep Run road: One officer and 30 men from Twentieth Battalion-two 24-pounder siege guns, 50 rounds each; one 12-pounder howitzer, 49 rounds; one 24-pounder howitzer, 65 rounds; one 6-pounder, 62 rounds. Tarpaulin for protection of ammunition bad.