War of the Rebellion: Serial 069 Page 0806 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter XLVIII.

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igan. I am so clear in my recollection that it was the flag of the Fifty-first Pennsylvania that the trouble was about that I would like for General M. to know that such is my opinion. He said thing about the Seventeenth Michigan. I feel no interest in the matter except to be satisfied in my own mind that my official note with reference to the flags was correct. If General M. can make it appear that my note was incorrect I will be under obligations to him, and take great pleasure in correcting it. A court of inquiry, with orders to report all the facts with reference to the capture of the flags, could soon clear up all doubts in the case.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,





June 10, 1864.


Assistant Adjutant-General:

MAJOR: I have the honor to submit the following statement in regard to the recent capture by this brigade of a guidon and two flags from the enemy in a charge upon them on the 12th ultimo. The guidon was captured by Private James H. Wheeler, Company E, Eighteenth Regiment North Carolina Troops, which was witnessed by many of the officers and men of his regiment. The flag of the Fifty-first Pennsylvania Regiment was captured by Lieutenant O. A. Wiggins, Company E, Thirty-seventh Regiment North Carolina Troops, in the presence and by direction of Brigadier-General Lane. The flag of the Seventeenth Michigan Regiment was captured by Lieutenant J. M. Grimsley, Company K, Thirty-seventh Regiment North Carolina Troops, which was witnessed by 25 or 30 men of this brigade. The latter stand of colors is the only one in dispute claimed by General Mahone, and "that merit may not be accorded to the undeserving more than to secure for Lieutenant Grimsley the little credit that may be due for the capture of flag," I invite your attention to the following, establishing by facts which cannot be question his right and title to the credit of the capture. I regret to say that Lieutenant Grimsley was wounded at Jericho Ford on the 23rd ultimo, and is now at home, rendering it impossible for me to get a written statement from him in time to embody it in this report. Lest the controversy may to be continued, however, I have written him to forward his deposition concerning the capture, properly authenticated. Before his departure, Captains Hale, assistant adjutant-general, and Nicholson, assistant inspector-general to this brigade, heard General Lane say to him that he had heard that some of General Mahone's men claimed to have captured his flag, to which Grimsley very indignantly replied, denying it, asserting upon oath the fastily of their claim, and his ability to prove his own by a number of men of his regimen,t "eye-witnesses" to the transaction. Corporal Plummer, Company K, and Privates Heath, Company G, Alexander, Company C, and Mitchell, Company K, Thirty-seventh Regiment North Carolina Troops, "than whom no men stand higher for integrity and soldierly conduct," who were "eye-witnesses of the affair," have been carefully and closely examined by me, and they all agree in the following statement: That Lieutenant Grimsley, with 25 or 30 of his regiment, met up with a Yankee