War of the Rebellion: Serial 069 Page 0058 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter XLVIII.

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sent a squadron to Downer's Bridge, picketing thence tot the infantry left. I also have pickets to the right of this place for 1 1\2 miles, nad am camped with reserve on the south side of the Ta near the road. I desire also to represent that my command is out of forage and rations. I sent for both this a. m., but the commissary reports that the trains of Cavalry Corps moved this a. m. to Bowling Green, and, therefore, he was not able to get from them the supplies I expected.

Very respectfully, your, &c.,


Lieutenant-Colonel Eighth New York Cavalry.

HEADQUARTERS FIFTH ARMY CORPS, May 21, 1864-9.30 p. m.

Major-General HUMPHREYS:

Major Roebling has just returned. Colonel Kitching has gained the high bank beyond the Ta. His command nearly all gave out on the march, so that he reached there with about 500 men. Our cavalry preceded him and met with no opposition to speak of . How much force must I send to re-enforce him? Will it be safe for the rest of the army for me to sent Cutler's division? As you know the relations of all parts of the army it is probably a question for you to decide rather than me. After you cross the Ta there is a low, open bottom extending 2 miles up the steam, 1 mile wide, then you ascend a gentle slope that is covered with oak wood, then from the summit is an open level country. At the summit is Madison's Store, which is 1 1\2 miles from Nancy Wright's, and here Kitching and the cavalry are, 5 miles from the Guiney Bridge. I believe the bridge over the Ta is called Hamilton's Bridge. It is a rickety truss bridge unfit for artillery, but the ford is good and the steam is about the size of the Ny at our last camp.




P. S.-Pope's cavalry went out to Nancy Wright's and then came back to Madison's. Mrs. Washington, who sent the note I forwarded to you, lives about a mile south of Guiney's Bridge. I have sent the colored man up.

MAY 21, 1864-10.30 p. m.


Your dispatch by Captain Cadwalader received. Under the present circumstances Cutler's division had better remain where it is.

11.15 P. M.

P. S.-The commanding general directs that you send you trains back across the Mattapony to Guiney's Station at once, or that vicinity. The information we have is to the effect that Burnside and Wright cannot unite with you by way of Stanard's Mill, and they will have to be brought round. Therefore withdraw Kitching, leav-