War of the Rebellion: Serial 069 Page 0041 Chapter XLVIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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HDQRS. EIGHTEENTH ARMY CORPS, Numbers 19. In the Field, Va., May 20, 1864.

I. Until further orders there will be two hospital organizations for general purposes in the Eighteenth Corps. The medical officers will be drawn from regiments, but as far as practicable each regiments will have one medical officer left with it for duty in camp, on the march, or in action, but during a battle this officer is not expected to be under severe fire. Without being too far to the rear to be of assistance, he should remain in a position partially sheltered. The commanding officer of the regiments should assign to the medical officer a sheltered location during action.

II. To prevent a depletion of the ranks by the long absence in general hospitals and convalescent camps of soldiers sent to general hospitals for slight ailments, a corps hospital will be established at or near the Point of Rocks, on the Appomattox River. Excepting slight cases of illness, which can be taken care of in the regiments camps, all the sick of the camps will be sent to this hospital, and no sick soldier will be transferred to a general hospital at Fortress Monroe, or elsewhere, uncles he cannot reasonably be expected to be fit for duty in one month's time, or the transfer is necessary to recovery, and then only on the order of the corps medical director.

III. Sick men before admission into the corps hospital should ordinarily be furnished with passes from the medical officer on duty with his regiment, countersigned by its commander. Serious cases of illness, or those where there is an obvious propriety in recovering for treatment, may be admitted, at the option of the surgeon in charge, who in all cases will use his best discretion in admitting or refusing. Where malingering or straggling is suspected, he will return the men under guard to the command to which they belong.

IV. The chief quartermaster of this corps will turn over to the surgeon in charge one quartermaster's wagon with 4 horses and equipments complete. The chief of ambulances will turn over to the same one serviceable ambulance and 2 horses, with necessary harness and appurtenance.

V. A detachment, consisting of 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant, 2 corporals, and 16 privates, will be assigned to the hospital of r necessary guard and fatigue duty. The latter will embrace the burial of the dead and such other labor as may be dictated by the surgeon charge. The quartermaster and commissary supplies for the hospital will be issued the proper officers on the requisitions or returns of the surgeon in charge. The commissary department will carry out all existing instructions regarding the hospital fund.

VI. A chaplain will be detailed as chaplain of the hospital. He will perform his duties under the direction of the surgeon in charge.

VII. The surgeon in charge will be under the orders of the corps commander and his medical direct only.

Organization to meet the requirements of the battle-field:

A. A battle-field hospital for the corps will be established whenever a battle takes place; its medical officers and attendants will also be drawn from the troops comprising this command. It will be organized as far as practicable on the basis of the Surgeon-General's circular Numbers 4, series of 1863, modified by Circular Numbers 5, issued by the medical director of this corps May 5, 1864, and by the further modification contained in this order. There will be 1 surgeon in charge, 4 surgeons as operators, 1 chaplain, 2 assistant surgeons as