War of the Rebellion: Serial 068 Page 0026 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter XLVIII.

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transports. Signal communication was opened between corps, division, and brigade headquarters while moving up the James River and kept up until our arrival at Bermuda Hundred. Disembarked and moved out to the front May 6.

Established a station of observation at the Curtis house in the a. m. of the 7th, keeping watch on Drewry's Bluff, Ball's batteries and three of the enemy's signal stations on the north side of the James River. The latter were discontinued the next day. Part of Richmond was also visible, and steamers could be traced in their course up an down the James River. On the 9th our army moved out to destroy the Petersburg and Richmond Railroad. On reaching the turnpike signal communication was established between General Terry's headquarters at Chester Station and General Ames' headquarters near Port Walthall Junction, as shown by accompanying map;* also having two stations of observation communicating direct with General Gillmore's headquarters. On returning from Swift Creek on the 10th signal communication between General Turner, commanding rear guard, and his rear skirmish line was kept up. In the a. m. of the 11th signal communication at the front was established from General Ames' headquarters, near Battery Numbers 3, to General Terry's headquarters at the Curtis house, thence, to Admiral Lee's flag-ship in the James River.

The injury I received in being thrown from my horse on the evening of May 8, aggravated by the subsequent fatigue and exposure, induced a fever, which on the 11th of May placed me under the surgeon's care, remaining in my quarters until May 20. The effects of this fall I am not free from yet.

On the 12th this force moved toward Fort Darling, my party being assigned as before, Lieutenant Cross taking charge. The stations worked May 15 and 16, as shown by the accompanying map, were nearly all under fire at different times. The force returned to this place in the evening of the 16th, and the stations at the front were reopened. During the assaults on our works May 20 signal communication was opened from Batteries Nos. 1, 3, and 6 with the navy, via Curtis' house, and with each other, to enable the fire to be directed, which communication has since been uninterrupted. Made monthly inspection on the 25th and found the stations, equipments, &c., unfair condition, except the glasses in possession of most of the officers, which were point. These have now been exchanged for good ones.

On the 26th Captain Norton having furnished me with some rockets, they were sent to our picket-line to be used in case of an attack. On the 27th 3 officers and 9 men of this party were, by Special Orders, Numbers 21, headquarters Department of Virginia and North Carolina, transferred to the Eighteenth Army Corps. Owing to the sickness of Lieutenants Clemens and Roberts it became necessary to discontinue the station at Battery Numbers 6, but it was resumed on the 31st.

The stations now being worked by my party are as follows: At Curtis' house communicating with Admiral Lee's flag-ship in the James River and with Batteries Nos. 1 and 3, also used as a station of observation; at Battery Numbers 1, to enable the signal officer at Battery Numbers 3 to direct Numbers 1's fire; at Battery Numbers 3., communicating with Curtis' house, Battery, Numbers 1, and Battery Numbers 6, communicating


*Not found.