War of the Rebellion: Serial 067 Page 1121 Chapter XLVIII. ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Whitener's (B. M.) Infantry. See South Carolina Troops, 3rd Battalion.

Whitman's (George W.) Infantry. See New York Troops, 51st Regiment.

Whiton's (John C.) Infantry. See Massachusetts Troops, 58th Regiment.

Wiebecke's (Charles) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 58th Regiment.

Wiedrich's (Michael) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 15th Regiment.

Wight's (Wililam W.) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 24th Regiment.

Wilder's (I. Hart) Infantry.* See New York Troops, 56th Regiment.

Wilhelm's (Thomas) Heavy Artillery. See Pennsylvania Troops, 2nd Regiment, Provisional.

Williams' (Arthur B.) Artillery. See North Carolina Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery C.

Williams' (Jesse M.) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Williams' (Samuel J.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 19th Regiment.

Williamson's (Henry W.) Infantry. See Virginia Troops, Confederate, 6th Regiment.

Willis' (Edward) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 12th Regiment.

Williston's (Edward B.) Artillery. See Union Troops, Regulars, 2nd Regiment, Battery D.

Wilson's (J. Moore) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, 7th Regiment.

Wilson's (John) Infantry. See New York Troops, 43rd Regiment.

Wilson's (John) Sharpshooters. See Union Troops, Volunteers, 1st Regiment.

Wilson's (John W.) Infantry. See Maryland Troops, Union, 1st Regiment.

Wilson's (Samuel) Cavalry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 8th Regiment.

Wingfield's (John T.) Artillery. See Sumter Artillery, ante, Battery C.

Winn's (Theodore) Infantry. See Rhode Island Troops, 7th Regiment.

Winslow's (Albert H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 8th Regiment.

Winslow's (George B.) Artillery. See New York Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery D.

Winslow's (Robert E.) Infantry. See Pensylvania Troops, 68th Regiment.

Winthrop's (Frederick) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 12th Regiment, 1st and 3rd Battalions.

Wood's (James H.) Heavy Artillery. See New York Troops, 4th Regiment, Battery D.

Woodall's (Daniel) Infantry. See Delaware Troops, 1st Regiment.

Woodbury's (George T.) Artillery. See New Jersey Troops, 4th Battery.

Woodward's (Orpheus S.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 83rd Regiment.

Woolfolk's (Pichegru, jr.) Artillery. See Ashland Artillery, ante.

Woolsey's (Henry H.) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 5th Regiment.

Wright's (Charles J.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 27th Regiment.

Wright's (G. J.) Cavalry. See Cobb's Legion, ante.

Wright's (Joseph W. B.) Artillery. See Massachusetts Troops, 14th Battery.

Wyatt's (James W.) Artillery. See Albemarle Artillery, ante.

Zabriskie's (Abram) Infantry. See New Jersey Troops, 9th Regiment.

Zimmerman's (William E.) Artillery. See Pee Dee Artillery, ante.

Zinn's (George) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 84th Regiment.


*Temporarily commanding.