War of the Rebellion: Serial 067 Page 1059 Chapter XLVIII. RAPIDAN TO THE JAMES.

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June 1.-It was our intention to-day to make a strong movement by our right-Hoke toward Old Harbor and Kershaw toward Beulah Church, from the position to which he had gone last night-and orders were given to that effect. Hoke did not become engaged, but took a line on the right. Kershaw puts in his own brigade, supported by another. Keitt's big regiment gives way, and in his own brigade, supported by another. Keitt's big regiment gives way, and in the effort to rally it Keitt is mortally wounded. Pickett is closed into the right on Kershaw, and the latter on Hokek. Field closes in on Pickett. In the afternoon a furious attack is made on the left of Hoke and right of Kershaw, enemy penetrating an interval between them. Clingman's brigade gives way. Wofford's, on his left, being flanked, does the same. The Fifty-third Georgia, on Wofford's left, ditto. Kershaw brings up the Second and Third South Carolina Regiments and regains Bryan's lost ground and captures prisoners and a stand of colors. Hunton is sent to Hoke's support. Field sends Gregg's brigade to aid Wofford in retaking his position. The effort, however, is not made from Kershaw's direction, but Hunton assumes Hoke's left nearly on Clingman's original line, Wofford bending back his right to connect with him.

June 2.-The preceding is the condition of affairs to-day and we await the expected attack of the enemy. Kershaw's salient is weak, but is supported by Anderson's and Law's brigades, of Field's division. Heavy skirmishing continues during the whole day on our line. In the evening the Second Corps, under Early, moves out by its left, except Ramseur's division, and attacks the enemy's right. He gains some advantage and forces back the enemy's right. In the morning Breckinridge is posted on the heights to the right of Hoke, and A. P. Hill with two divisions moves to that point by Gaines' Mill. The enemy gives us a furious cannonade late.

June 3.-The expected battle begins early. Early renews his attack but appears to cease in about two hours without gaining much. Mean time the enemy is heavily massed in front of Kershaw's salient. Anderson's, Law's, and Gregg's brigades are there to support Kershaw. Assault after assault is made and each time repulsed with severe loss to the enemy. At 8 a.m. fourteen had been made and repulsed. Law wounded. At dark a final and furious assault is made on Martin, the right of Hoke. Hunton also severely engaged.

June 4.-Heavy skirmishing. In the afternoon the enemy becomes unusually quiet, and from this some new movement is apprehended. June 5.-Quiet and affairs unchanged.

June 6.-Enemy retires from Ewell's and Field's front. Hoke removed from the command of General Anderson. Enemy's line bends back from Pickett's.

June 7.-Early engaged in finding the enemy. Pickett's skirmishers supporting and co-operating with him.

June 8.-Orders are received to attack with Pickett at daylight to-morrow morning, if the enemy should be discovered to be withdrawing.

June 9.-Enemy still in force in front. Early removed from the left, and Field and Pickett extend to fill the old trenches as far as Dickerson's house.

June 10, 11, and 12.-No change in our line. Affairs quiet.

June 13.-The enemy is discovered to have disappeared from our front. The troops are at once put in motion. Kershaw, Pickett,